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Our dear friend and professional fishing guide Drake Radditz is quite simply a born fish predator! It doesn’t matter whether you are talking winter steelhead on his home waters in northwest Oregon, dry fly mania on the middle fork of the Salmon, Chinook in the Columbia river or wahoo in the wilds of Christmas Island, if they are there to be caught Drake will get them.

Drakes passion for the island and its villagers in infectious (as you’ll see below in his trip report) and his fishing knowledge, both fly and conventional, is second to none. We are thrilled to be partnering with Drake as he will again be leading groups to island next year for us.  If you would like to join Drake on Christmas Island, please let us know.

2018 Dates:
February 27 – March 6
March 6 – 13

Rate: $2,570 per person based on double occupancy

Please call Dylan Rose at 800.552.2729 for more information or contact us HERE.

by Drake Radditz

There are countless tropical flats fishing destinations to choose from, but I have to say after my
sixth week traveling to Christmas Island it is still by far at the top of my list for saltwater flats
fishing destinations. Not only is there incredible flats fishing for bonefish, triggers, and GT’s, but
there is an untapped blue water fishery for tuna, wahoo, sailfish and countless other reef
species to keep you alert as your reels screaming. Other than fishing, the island’s natives are
helpful and happy to make your dream fishing trip become a reality. Christmas
Island is far beyond what most first time visitors can even imagine. From the fishing, the culture and the
environment, everything just seems to consistently blow the mind.

These people are some of the poorest on earth as far as material possessions go, but
some of the richest in terms of happiness, family and faith. The environment is so tempting with
its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters teaming with fish but in fact the environment is
harsh and inhospitable with very little fresh water or shade if not properly prepared. Fly Water
Travel is a top notch fly fishing destination travel agent that exists to help prepare you for the trip,
hook you up with the best flats fishing outfitter in the country (Christmas Island Outfitters) and
lavish you with the best lodging and food the island has to offer at Crystal Beach Lodge. The
guides and lodge staff will go above and beyond to exceed their clients expectations making
this the trip of a lifetime.

This year was my third trip to Christmas Island. On my first trip I stayed for one week, the second I
stayed two weeks, and this year for three weeks. Next year I plan to stay for a whole month. Every year, I return
home a better person than when I left and leaving isn’t easy. Considering the friendships I have
made, the fishing, fresh seafood, the weather, and the culture, I miss it every day I’m gone.
When back home I constantly think about the next trip, yearning for the experience I left behind
but knowing in the back of my mind I will soon return.

Every year the weeks blow by like the afternoon wind and I just cant get enough. Far from a fly
fishing purist, I prefer to call myself a fisherman. Chasing bonefish on the flats with an 8 weight
fly rod and hand tied fly is fun and rewarding but with the opportunities abounding at Christmas
Island, I come prepared with both fly and conventional tackle to pursue each and every species
of fish there is patrolling the flats. Maybe you will find me fishing both the flats and the blue
water in the same day, pursuing trigger fish in the morning and spending the afternoon trying to
persuade a willing pelagic to hit a top water popper for sashimi appetizers back at the lodge.
First day of the trip I always try to get out in the blue water so we have sushi grade fish for that
nights dinner. Tuna and Wahoo both make fantastic sashimi and Tantan, the lodge Chef is a
master at preparing the days catch. The food is always delicious and there is plenty of it to
refuel the belly after a long day on the water. The lodge is clean and the accommodations very
comfortable. Kata, the lodge manager is a true professional and is always onsite to ensure the
lodge operates at the standard he demands for his clientele.

Bita, owner and operator of Christmas Island Outfitters runs the show when it comes to the
fishing. He might currently be the best guide in the country and sets the standard for what he
expects from his employees. All of Bita’s guides are the best of the best. A fishing guide on Christmas Island is a very
prestigious occupation and a highly desirable position for most, if not all, the young men. The
guides go above and beyond to ensure you catch plenty of fish and return to the lodge at the
end of the day with a smile. Your satisfaction is what makes them want to get out of bed and do
it all over again tomorrow.

I highly recommend this trip to anyone interested in flats fishing for the first time as well as to
seasoned flats anglers alike. Come join me on the best flats fishing destinations in the world at
Christmas Island and turn your fishing dreams into a reality.

PS: Add snorkeling equipment (mask and fins) to the packing list. There are some world class
snorkeling locations accessible by boat on the outer reefs of the atoll that shouldn’t be missed.
You will need to bring all of your own snorkeling equipment with you if you as there is no rental
equipment on the island.

Drake Radditz