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Back in the USA, after another great trip to Cuba. I was at Gardens of the King on Cuba’s north coast with an absolutely great group. Thanks to Tim, Howard, Brian, Jeremy, Katie and Kate for being so easy going and willing to go with the flow. It sure makes a host’s job much easier.

Digs for this trip are at the Iberostar Cayo Ensenchos. This is a 5-6 hour drive from Havana, at the very western end of the Gardens of the King (Jardines del Rey) archipelago. This is an all inclusive resort, with access to several beautiful beaches, many different swimming pools, multiple restaurants, cigar bar, theater, etc. Something for everyone…..

This is a highly regarded Tarpon destination. There are Tarpon here 12 months a year, with numbers and size gaining around the end of March, and on normal years staying good all the way through the middle of October. We had some days with very tough fishing, even though we saw fish rolling. And, we had some great days with good numbers of hooked and landed. Our boat saw most fish averaging in the 40-50 pound range. The largest others reporting hooking was around 100 pounds, with 80 being the largest landed. That works for me!

Tim and I were fishing partners, and learned a lot from our guide Elyses. He has guided at GOK for 18 years, and before that was a biologist for this area for 6 years.  He let us know the area is now regarded as a Tarpon destination he thinks that will change in the future.  This is because the area around GOK used to be heavily netted.  Now, thanks to the protections in place, netting is not allowed, all fishing is by fly, and the area is flourishing.   They are now seeing more and more bonefish, permit, jacks, snapper and other species and feel link the area will compare with the best multi species destinations in the country in upcoming years.

Thanks again to my traveling team and all the people at GOK for making a great trip.

Hope you enjoy the photos.  Jon