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Igiugig Lodge
If you are keen on the biggest rainbow trout of the year, than September at Igiugig Lodge is for you. The Igiugig Lodge (Ig-ee-AH-gig) sits on the bank of Lake Iliamna near the mouth of the ruggedly beautiful Kvichak (Kwee-Jack) River. For fly anglers, the Kvichak’s most famous inhabitants are its supercharged steelhead-esque rainbow trout. These fish show in great numbers during September and Brad and his crew know where to find them. The Kvichak is their home water and fishing it every day during the season has its benefits, they simply know the intricate system like the back of their hand. Another great benefit is one of the best pieces of water sits right out the front door allowing for easy access to some incredible opportunities. Along with the home water, guests will fly out two days to surrounding quality waters.

Available dates:
September 9 – 16: 1 space

$6500 per person for a 7 night / 6 day package with 2 fly outs

Read an article about Brad Waitman and his Igiugig Lodge HERE

Give David a call at 800.552.2729 or email to inquire about this prime space


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