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Skeena LNG is Dead: Long Live the Skeena!

Today, the international consortium behind Pacific Northwest LNG announced it was shelving its controversial gas export project in the Skeena River estuary.

Lelu Island and Flora Bank are safe, for now. We breathe a huge sigh of relief!

With the help of the international community, local advocates worked through every available channel – scientific research, environmental reviews, legal challenges, even civil disobedience – to make one simple point: this is the worst possible location for a massive industrial development. The eelgrass bed at Flora Bank is perhaps the most important place in the Skeena for juvenile salmon and steelhead, a crucial stopover used by populations from all over the watershed on their way out to sea.

Today, those advocates and all their hard work have been vindicated. There will be no industrial development on Lelu Island and Flora Bank.

Greg Knox, executive director of SkeenaWild said today: “We thank the Wild Salmon Center and The Stronghold Fund for standing with us in this important struggle. This fight has created a strong alliance in the watershed and across the Pacific around the goal of protecting salmon.”

Through the Skeena Stronghold Partnership, WSC and SkeenaWild will continue to work for permanent protection in the Skeena estuary, to ensure that Lelu Island and Flora Bank are never built on.