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From our good friend Rafael Costa, at Kendjam in Brazil.

Our second fishing week of the season was really good in terms of weather, water, and fishing!  We hosted a couple of two very experienced trout anglers who really made their week doing pretty much what they like, walking and wading casting dries upstream. But this time not for Trout. They were catching the mighty Pacu in runs and flats! Trout fisherman could think that’s different, but when you cast to a silver shadow eating on the surface with a #8 black fat albert or hopper, you could think you are in your favorite trout stream.

They were in the most pristine sections of Iriri river catching pacus and matrinxãs, guided by our pro-English speaking guides but also by the Kayapó Indians, making their best sight fishing in the middle of a crystal clear jungle river.  The upper beats paid with some real trophy sized peacock bass, and due to the good light conditions, we found perfect sight fishing situation for catching bass on steroids and some amazing fast water action!

Wolfish being a pre historic predator, is really not shy. In Kendjam they are not hunted by other animals (even fewer humans) and throwing a popper or a streamer for them is a sure take. They are aggressive and not camera shy, even underwater!

Kendjam season runs from June to September and holds the most prolific multi-variety species fishery in the Amazon basin.  Fly anglers can find that this magnificent clear water system is an angler’s nirvana for new species on the fly. Anglers can use six to eight weight rods and rely on many trout/steelhead/salmon water reading skills and fly fishing techniques to catch several new jungle species!

For more information on Kenjam give Ken a call 800.552.2729