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Los Roques Venezuela – Sight Cast
There’s no denying that a trip to Los Roques is the stuff dreams are made of. Pristine white sand beaches filled with loads of sardina munching 6lb bonefish, 100’s of challenging pancake flats that each offer it’s own mystery to be solved, brilliant cuisine and a comfortable boutique hotel that satisfies to the core. Quite simply, Los Roques is arguably one of the best year-round, wade-able flats destinations in the world. So what seems to be the problem you might ask? Unfortunately, Venezuela’s extreme political stance and challenges with flights have steered many anglers away from this world-class destination. The fact remains that Los Roques is still very safe, still very much doable from the flights perspective and loads and loads of unpressured fish are just waiting for anglers that can look past the negative PR. Give us a call to discuss the reality of making a trip to “The Rocks”!



Expert Interview with Dylan Rose

Where is the lodge?
Los Roques, Venezuela is located approximately 90 miles north of the Venezuelan mainland at the terminus of the lesser Antilles archipelago.

How do I get there?
Flights arrive in to the Caracas International Airport where you connect with a short flight out to the island.

Why should I go?
Los Roques offers some of the finest bonefishing found anywhere in the world. For anglers that love to wade fish, it is a home run. Larger than average bonefish in an absolutely beautiful location and relaxed and comfortable lodge atmosphere.

When should I go?
Los Roques sits only 11 degrees north of equator and is great any time of year.

Where do they fish?
Anglers fish the Los Roques archipelago’s vast expanse of white sand beaches, pancake flats and mangrove lagoons.

How do they fish?
Anglers wade the flats in pairs and split a guide each day.

What fish will I catch?
The main game is targeting bonefish. But opportunities do exist for large permit, tarpon, horse-eye jacks, bonito, blue runners, baracuda and snapper.

How many fish will I catch?
Double digit catches of bonefish are easily possible most days.

Is there wade fishing?
Yes. Wade fishing is the primary mode of operation. Anglers can wade fish 100% of the time.

Is there internet and cell service?
Internet is available in the hotel lounge areas. Cell service is not likely.

Does the lodge provide equipment?
It’s best if anglers provide their own tackle, however, the lodge can supply some loaner gear if absolutely necessary.

What is your favorite rod(s) for the trip?
Sage 8wt Salt is my go-to rod for this trip.

Are there other activities?
There are plenty of opportunities for fantastic snorkeling, diving, and water sports galore. Adventurous non-anglers are very much welcome at Los Roques.

What is your favorite memory of this trip?
My favorite memory of my last trip to Los Roques was landing two 6lb bonefish off the beach in front of the hotel before the guides had even loaded the cooler in the boat for the day!

What are the physical demands?
Although the wading the flats is not physically demanding anglers should expect to spend the day on their feet.

Are there other special skills required?
A crisp double-haul and accurate casting will go a long way to improving your catch rates at Los Roques.