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For many trout anglers Kamchatka is near the top of their bucket list, and for good reason. While the preparation and travels can be more involved than some destinations,  the remote wilderness angling experience offered in Kamchatka is second to none. It’s remoteness and lack of angling pressure keeps the fisheries pure and producing significant numbers of sizable rainbow trout, char and pacific salmon. I recently returned  from a two week journey on the Kamchatka Peninsula where I experienced two distinct programs, the Sedanka and the Ichanga/Savan float. The short story is that Kamchatka lives up to its reputation. It’s a fly anglers dream come true; no other anglers, big willing fish and as beautiful a setting as one can ask for. Below is a photo tour of my first week in Russia on the Sedanka.

After a delay due to fog we packed up the helicopter for a flight to the mountain town of Esso where we spent the night.

In the morning, we took off in the packed helicopter for the trip to Camp 1 on the Sedanka.

It was a beautiful morning  when we arrived at Camp 1 on the Sedanka.  The camp has three guest cabins, a dining/cook building and drying/shower outbuilding.

The helicopter departed and our group of anglers would have an entire river to ourselves for five days.

Lunch was served after guests got settled and then we were off for an afternoon hike upstream to fish back down to Camp 1.

I tied on a trimmed down Morrish Mouse 2.0 and within a few casts was into my first Russian rainbow.

Matt was tossing a streamer and connected with lots of fish on the first day. A great introduction to what was ahead.

The rainbow trout were incredibly healthy and aggressive, taking swipes at whatever passed by.

Day two we fished from the rafts as we headed downstream to Camp 2. The river gained some gradient, braided up a bit and eventually dumped into a small lake.

 Matt hooked up in the rocky, high gradient section on day two.

We arrived at Camp 2 in time for a great dinner. The next day we took the jet boat back upstream and  fished a classic spring creek section that was great. 

The mousing around Camp 2 was the best trout fishing I had ever experienced. Hard to say just how many we landed.

Sunset our last evening at Camp 2. The following morning we set out in the rafts fishing down to Camp 3.

Fishing was tougher down to Camp 3, as the river colored up due to high winds the evening prior.

Despite rain at Camp 3 we jetboated down into a braided section where we once again experienced spectacular  fishing with mouse patterns.

In summary, the Sedanka was an incredible fishery. The sheer number of rainbow trout was staggering. The average size was in the 18 inch range with several opportunities at fish over 22 inches each day. They love mouse patterns and this tactic reduces by-catch of the ever-present Dolly Varden that stack up thick in the later half of the season. You will likely see salmon spawning in late July through August and with the salmon come more bears. The camp dogs do a great job of keeping bears aware that humans are around and it was obvious that they wanted little to do with us. The accommodations at each camp were simple wooden structures, but they were dry and warm. Each of the three guest cabins had their own flush toilet. There is a wood-fired hot shower room and a drying room for wet gear at each camp. The food was good and tasty, but don’t expect any gourmet fixings. A basic lunch was served on the river; a sandwich, some pickles and fruit. You will have your fill of snickers bars too. The guiding was adequate but I feel anglers with a bit of self sufficiency will get more out of such a trip as the language barrier with the Russian guides can hinder the communication. There is always at least one English speaking guide per trip and we were happy to have Anna along who served as our camp host. She spoke excellent English and took great care in answering the guests’ questions. There was WiFi at each camp, but limited bandwidth. The outfitter is continuing to improve the facilities and while they were not operable on our trip, each cabin will have a hot shower in their attached bathroom in the near future.

If you have interest in Kamchatka and want to discuss the details of this amazing adventure, give David a call at 800.552.2729