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There may be nothing more fun in the saltwater fly fishing world than tangling with a high flying juvenile tarpon on a 9wt and floating line. We are fortunate to have a lot of experience in the baby tarpon world. These fish are highly aggressive, attack flies on the surface and will test your angling skill to the maximum. Fly tiers should keep patterns small, between sizes 2 and 1/0. Use light wire, wide gap, high-quality hooks like the Gamakatsu SC-15. It’s important not to overdress the flies and proportion toward the smaller side.

Top Baby Tarpon Destinations:
Tarpon Cay Lodge, Mexico

Isla del Sabalo, Mexico

Campeche, Mexico

For more information call Dylan Rose at 800.552.2729


Here are our top 5 favorite flies for targeting juvenile tarpon:

Tarpon Cay Lodge Special
The Tarpon Cay Lodge Special is our go-to fly anytime you need a high floating pattern and shrimp or baitfish are present. We like the tan version for daytime conditions and black for low light (dawn and dusk).

The Megalopsicle from Umpqua comes in all of the best colors for baby tarpon. It presents a small silhouette and can be fished effectively in all conditions. All of the colors are worth having in your arsenal but our favorites are orange, olive and black and purple.

Enrico Puglisi Tarpon Streamer
This pattern has proven itself all over the world wherever tarpon may swim. There is just something about black and purple for tarpon! Don’t leave home without this one.

Morrish Tequila Popper
The Morrish Tequila Popper is one our go-to patterns for fishing the surface. There is simply nothing like a tarpon smashing a fly on top. The Tequila Popper does an incredible job of imitating a wounded baitfish on the surface.

Deep Cover Shrimp
The Deep Cover Shrimp is another fantastic pattern for fishing the surface. When the tarpon are happy, they have an extremely difficult time not attacking this pattern on the surface.