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There’s no place in the world like Christmas Island. The expansive hard-bottom flats, the multitude of species, and a culture of highly skilled guides always provides an amazing adventure. Visiting anglers can choose to get as fancy or simple as they like with their flies. We find that the fish to be rarely selective and keep things pretty simple. For fly tiers, we recommend outfitting bonefish flies with a graduated eye size to the size of the hook. For size 4 flies, use a 7/32 dumbbell, for size 6 use a 5/32 and for size 8 use medium bead chain. It’s also very important to keep flies sparsely dressed. It’s common for the guides to routinely trim down flies and thin out wings with a pair of nippers. Here are a few of our favorite patterns.

Christmas Island Outfitters

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Here are our top 5 favorite flies for Christmas Island:

Christmas Island Special
This is the go-to fly for bonefish on Christmas Island. It’s important to have it all sizes (4, 6, and 8’s) and in both pink and orange coloration.

The Gotcha is a favorite fly for bonefish on light colored flats, shallow water or when a softer landing is desired to avoid spooking fish. It’s worth having in 6’s and 8’s with more quantities slanted towards size 8.

Chili Pepper
The Chili Pepper was created by legendary guide Moana Kofe. It lands softly and presents a nice “curveball” if the bonefish seem to be having a hard time noticing your fly. It also is a good pattern in smaller sizes to target triggerfish.

Brush Fly
This pattern was originally developed for targeting giant trevally in the Indian Ocean. This adaptation utilizing emu feathers for the tail is specifically designed for Christmas Island and does a great job of imitating the black tails of milkfish. A favorite food source for Christmas Island GT’s. Tan and black are our favorite colors. Fly tiers should use high-quality hooks, keep patterns very light (no weighted eyes), sparse, and easy to cast.

Cowen’s Magnum Baitfish
This is another go-to pattern for giant trevally.