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I had the good fortune of fishing a small coastal river in British Columbia this past summer. The river is known for its incredible beauty, relative solitude and some of the hottest and hardest fighting summer chinook salmon in the world. While we are forbidden from advertising the name of this river, suffice it to say that it stands out on the short list of rivers I look forward to visiting again. Owner and well-traveled angler/guide Derek Botchford says, “of all the rivers we fish for kings, this is the system we most often get spooled on.”

I spent the week at a streamside camp with guides from Frontier Farwest Lodge on the Bulkley River and I’d have to say that the quality of these guides adds a tremendous amount of value to this trip. Additionally, the tent camp is great and the river with its dramatic snow capped surroundings makes it one of the beautiful rivers I have ever fished. Our week wasn’t quite as productive as the weeks on either side of ours, but that is just the roll of the dice we make as anglers targeting migrating species. Given the remote nature of the experience, the indescribable beauty of the canyon, the high quality of the guides and the lavish set up in camp I’d have to say that this trip is the total package for the hard-core anadromous junkie.

Give Charles or Ken a call at 800-552-2729 to learn more or book your spot for July 2018!

A beautiful 45 minute flight by seaplane brings you to the mouth of the river. From there, guides drive upstream via jet boat 7.5 miles to camp.

A lavish streamside camp was our home for the week. No detail was spared, including hot showers and a drying tent for waders. We even had an ice machine for cocktails!

The beauty of the canyon is difficult to describe. The guides refer to it as a “miniature version of the lower Dean.”

Hard hitting, hard charging chinook fresh from the ocean! This fish still had long tailed sea lice on it.

While the fish in this system typically run from 15 to 30 pounds, they are known to be some of the hottest and hardest to handle anadromous fish anywhere.

Anglers need to be prepared with reels that have strong drags and plenty of backing.