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We are pleased to report the new / rebuilt guest house on Farquhar is complete.   A few years back Farquhar was devastated by a major storm.  While it did no damage to the fishery it stripped the island of the vast majority of its vegetation and also wiped out the guest house.   The upside to this is that the new facilities have been upgraded and are more spacious than the original.  While we still would not consider this a luxury lodge we are sure the upgrades will be appreciated by anglers looking to access this remote atoll.

The old “house” where all the rooms were is now an indoor dining area, bar, and lounge. The bar also faces onto the veranda where there is an outdoor lounge.
Adjacent to central dining area there are three newly built two bedroom condos. Each condo has two ensuite rooms, all finished with storage, two single beds, bedside tables, mini bar and coffee station.  The meals have also been upgraded and are now served on the veranda overlooking the lagoon.  There will also be internet access in all rooms by early 2018.

While the new guesthouse is a huge improvement, the vegetation will still need years to recover.  The low-level vegetation has grown back very quickly and there is an ongoing rehabilitation program to help the vegetation recover.  The program is very interesting and guest visiting the island this season will be able to see it in action.  One positive side effect of the clearing has been that the guides have managed to identify & create a few paths from the lagoon side across the north and south islands, this means guests can access surf areas previously only accessible by long walks along the length of the islands.


2018 / 19 Availability:

21 – 28 March 2018 – 2 rods
28 Mar – 4 April 2018 – 1 rod

26 Oct – 2 Nov 2018 – 10 rods
9 – 16 Nov 2018 – 4 rods
16 – 23 Nov 2018 – 4 rods
23 – 30 Nov 2018 – 10 rods

1 – 8 Mar 2019 – 4 rods
8 – 15 March 2019 – 4 rods
15 – 22 March 2019 – 6 rods
29 Mar – 5 April 2019 – 10 rods
5 – 12 April 2019 – 10 rods
12 – 19 April 2019 – 10 rods
19 – 26 April 2019 – 10 rods

Farquhar Attol, Seychelles

For more information on Farquhar or any other Seychelles destination give Brian a call.  800-552-2729