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Kendjam, Brazil

If the massive Amazon basin were to have an Eden, it would be on the banks of the immaculate Iriri River. Home of the noble Kayapo people, the Iriri, with its clear green waters, countless braids and rocky islands is a surreal, bountiful and friendly place that defies what most envision the jungle to be. From the comfort of a deluxe, safari-style camp, groups of six anglers will explore the riches of the Iriri by boat and on foot. Using 6 and 7-weight rods with floating lines, anglers will sight cast to a host of exotic jungle gamefish including a unique species of peacock bass, wolf fish, pacu and jaturana. Watch anglers Jeff Currier and Ben Furimsky in this first-ever film about fly fishing on the previously forbidden Kayapo rivers. Click below to watch the full film.

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For more information on Kendjam give Ken a call 800.552.2729