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The Atlantic Salmon Reserver’s Kharlovka Lodge is arguably the most interesting and rewarding trophy salmon venue in Russia if not the world. Guests will fish the the majority of their days on the home waters on the Kharlovka as well as one or two fly outs to the smaller neighboring Eastern Litza. Ask any fit salmon angler lucky enough to have fished the Eastern Litza their thoughts on the system and chances are they will tell you it is the greatest river they have ever fished…the one one they would choose if they only had one day left to practice their craft.  On both systems, guests are dropped at their daily beats by helicopter and spend the day hiking from pool to pool. This week is just on the back side of their most expensive weeks and in addition to the vast majority of their large salmon already being in-stream, there will be good numbers of smaller yet eager grisle. Together this means this week should offer lots of action as well as a chance at some of the largest salmon in Russia.

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Dates: July 7-14, 2018   4 rods
Rate: $12,900 per person from Murmansk
Notes: Air charter from Helsinki to Murmansk is estimated at $1,100

For questions or to reserve space call Ken at 800.552.2729

The rugged lower beat of Eastern Litza.

Apparently a good place to land on the mighty Kharlovka.


30 pounds of chrome bright happiness.