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The following is a list of open dates for anglers interested in chasing BC steelhead in the 2018 season. For questions regarding any and all of these destinations, please call Ken at 800-552-2729


2018 Steelhead Openings

BC West, Dean River

Dates: June 23-30, 4 rods at $5995 plus tax
Aug 4-11, 2 rods at $7295 plus tax
Aug 11-18, 6 rods at $7295 plus tax

Notes: The early week is fully guided beneath the falls and focuses on king salmon. The August weeks are the standard split week steelhead program.


Bear Claw Lodge 

Dates:  Aug 23-30, 2 rods
Sept 13-20 2013, 1 rod
Oct 4-11, 2 rods

Rate: $7574

Notes: This is a really luxurious lodge that has a fun crew and a very diverse fishing program.


Bulkley Basecamp

Dates: Sept 8-14, 2 rods
Sept 15-22, 1 rod

Rate: $6,400

Notes: This is a fun and deluxe tent camp with one of BC’s most diverse fishing programs.

Frontier Farwest Steelhead Lodge

Dates: Oct 27-Nov 3, 6 rods

Rate: $7200 per person

Notes: This is a highly varietal program with over 100 miles of water on the Bulkley and Morice. They have great guides, meals and accommodations.


Nass Base Camp: 

Dates: Sept 29-Oct 6, 4 rods
Oct 6-13, 1 rod (pending)
Oct 27-Nov 3, 3 rods

Rate: $4200 plus tax

Notes: This is a very basic lodge in a remote region. Several of their systems hold up exceedingly well under BC’s unpredictable weather making a safe bet for anglers concerned about blow-outs.


Nass River Steelhead Co. 

Sept 14-21, 2 rods
Sept 28-Oct 5, 2 rods
Oct 19-26, 4 rods

Rate: $7500 plus tax

Notes: This is a rustic and remote four person tent camp. They fish about ten prime runs that offer good sized fish, beautiful surroundings and easy wading. While the camp is very basic, the food is exceptional.


Silver Hilton Steelhead Lodge

Dates:  Oct 29-Nov 5, 1 rod

Rate: $6235

Notes: This is the last week of their season. This week offers a great value and very stable water conditions.

Skeena River Lodge

Dates: April 21-28, 3 rods (prime Spring steelhead)
Aug 11-18, 1 rod
Sept 1-8, 2 rods
Oct 6-13, 3 rods
Oct 13-20, 2 rods

Rate: $4400 plus tax

Notes: This is simple lodge that only takes four guests. They fish the Skeena, Copper, Kitimat and Kalum. In terms of great guides and a great value, this is a hard one to beat.


Skeena Spey

Dates: March 30 – April 6, 2 rods
April 14 – 20, 4 rods
July 28 – Aug 3, 4 rods
Aug 24 – 31, 6 rods
Oct 20 – 27, 8 rods

Rate: $1100 CAD plus taxes per person per day based on double occupancy

Notes: This is a comfortable and lively operations that offers stays of any length. They have all needed gear are excellent instructors.


Steelhead Valhalla

Dates: Oct 13-20, 3 rods

Rate: 7,503

Notes: This is an incredible wilderness river and un-pressured angling experience with large fish.


Suskeena Lodge

Dates: Oct 8-15, 1 rod

Rate: $7,293

Notes: A great date on one of BC’s most beautiful and remote trophy steelhead rivers.