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Brush Creek Ranch

Nestled in the high country of Wyoming’s Sierra Madre Mountains lies an area that cannot be adequately described in words. A property and facility so incredibly stunning that those with experience here struggle to find the proper adjectives to relay the awe-inspiring beauty and ruggedness of the landscape. Add to this a lodge operation whose comfort and elegance exceed the worlds’ five-star hotels and a staff that does not understand the word “No” and you have a small sense of the finest dude ranch operation in the world that you’ve never heard of. This is Brush Creek Ranch. The number of activities available will take years to fully experience and the lodging options alone ensure that there’s a facility custom tailored to your every desire. Whatever it is you seek for your family vacation, Brush Creek Ranch will fit the bill.

For more information please contact Charles at 800.552.2729

Top reasons to go:
1. Unrivaled luxury, angling and activities for all ages.
2. With more than 20 miles of essentially private rivers and streams and multiple still water venues, Brush Creek Ranch can keep a serious fly angler fishing new quality waters for weeks.
3. The ranch offers the greatest variety of authentic quality activities and experiences that we have ever seen.
4. The lodging options are vast and varied, ensuring your stay at the ranch is perfectly suited to the size and needs of your group.

Where is the lodge?
Brush Creek Ranch is located in southeastern Wyoming, approximately 15 miles from Saratoga, WY.

How do I get there?
To get to the ranch you will need to make flight arrangements to Denver, CO (3.5 hours drive time) or Laramie, WY (1.25 hours drive time). Guests flying private can land in Saratoga, WY.

When should I go?
The ranch is open year-round and has a large menu of activities for every season. Anglers should focus on the six weeks from June 20 through the end of July and again in September through October.

Where do they fish?
Brush Creek Ranch offers float trips on the North Platte and Encampment Rivers. Walk/wade days are offered on private stretches of Brush Creek and French Creek as well as a handful of still water ponds.

Who is best suited to the destination?
Given the number of activities and amenities as well as the breadth of the fishing program, this destination truly offers the vacation of a lifetime for guests of any age or experience.

What are the accommodations and meals like?
Guests can choose from elegant lodge rooms, intimate cabin suites, larger cabin residences or the luxurious privacy of the French Creek Sportsman’s Club. All of the lodging options are extremely well-appointed and designed for ultimate comfort. Meals are prepared by a world class crew of chefs and need to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Describe the atmosphere and style of the lodge?
The lodge is designed for the ultimate in guests’ comfort in a setting of rustic elegance. No detail goes unnoticed and guests are immediately made to feel welcome.

Is the owner on-site? Who is the point person?
The owner is not often on-site. Brush Creek Ranch ensures a minimum guest to staff ration of 1:1 and their staff are some of the most welcoming and service-oriented I’ve ever experienced. People I’d never met knew my name within a day and all worked hard to ensure that I was comfortable and did not want for anything.

Is there internet and cell service?
Cell phone service is limited to AT&T and Union only. Guests are welcome to use a phone at the ranch office and phone rentals are available. Wireless internet is available throughout the ranch facilities as well as all lodging rooms and cabins.

How do they fish?
This is true wild trout fishing and, as such, offers the promise of both world-class catching and head-scratching difficulty. Conditions on the North Platte change constantly, meaning that on any given day one might fish dry flies for an hour of match-the-hatch fishing, toss a light nymph rig to suspended fish, and even lob big lead-eyed streamers.

What fish will I catch?
Brown trout, rainbow trout and cutthroat trout depending on the system you fish.

How many fish will I catch?
Catch rates vary from day-to-day and system to system. In general, anglers can expect to hook 10 – 15 fish per person per day.

Will we see other anglers?
You will likely see other boats on the North Platte and Encampment Rivers. Walk / wade days on Brush Creek and French Creek are privately owned by the ranch so any anglers you see will be in your group.

Is there wade fishing?
Brush Creek, French Creek and the ranch’s still waters are all walk / wade days.

How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds?
Depending on where you’re fishing each day, travel times are 5 minutes to 45 minutes.

What are the guides like?
The ranch employs a team of dedicated professional fly fishing guides that take great pride in guiding some of the wildest and least-traveled trout waters in the American West.

Does the lodge provide equipment?
The lodge has all the equipment needed, including waders and boots.

What is your favorite rod(s) for the trip?
A 9′ 5-weight rod will cover most any situation you may encounter. I always bring along a 3-weight for any dry fly opportunities.

Are there other activities?
Beginning with horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, indulgent spa experiences or fully outfitted shooting and hunting programs, Brush Creek Ranch offers quality options for every conceivable guest. Additional experiences include paintball, ropes course, yoga and a climbing wall. They also offer an equally impressive list of activities in their kids program.

What are the physical demands?
The wading is typically not difficult and guests are not expected to walk long distances unless they’d like to. Everyone is offered bikes and golf carts for transportation on the ranch. That said, the ranch sits around 7000′ in elevation and most guests take a day or so to acclimate.

Are there other special skills required?
Only a willingness to explore and experience all the region has to offer.

Dangers and annoyances?
Only the effects of living at 7000′ for those that are not used to it.

What is your favorite memory of this trip?
Sheepishly explaining to the outfitter that I had trespassed on their property years ago, before the current ownership.

Does this trip combine well with other trips?
Frankly, the quality and variety of experiences here are in a class unto themselves.