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Rainbows From Above
When it comes to fishing Kamchatka’s most prolific and best rested trophy rainbow rivers, consider this exclusive helicopter fly-out program the absolute apex. Strategically located near the beautiful Two Yurt Lake, guests have access to dozens of untouched trophy trout streams, all within a 30-mile flying radius of the lodge. Due to exclusive lease agreements, participants in Rainbows from Above have private access to more than 100 square miles of some of the world’s most productive and pristine rainbow systems. For folks that like the thrill of untouched water and enjoy hiking between well rested pools, no other trip in Kamchatka compares.

For more information please contact David at 800.552.2729

Top reasons to go:
1. Private access to more than 100 square miles of wilderness with dozens of pristine trout streams.
2. A wide range of daily helicopter fly-outs within 30 miles radius of the lodge.
3. Incredibly well rested walk and wade systems that hold trout that have rarely, if ever, seen a fly.
4. A unique fixed base lodge with a superb natural hot spring.
5. Quality home waters in the event that weather makes flying dificult.

Where is the lodge?
The lodge is located near the beautiful Two Yurt Lake some 400 miles north of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.

How do I get there?
Most guests fly to Anchorage on Sunday and overnight at their elected accommodations. Early Monday morning guests check in to their international flight. The flight to Petropavlovsk takes about four hours. You will cross the international date line, thus landing in Russia on Tuesday morning. After clearing customs and collecting your bags the outfitter will meet guests and lead you to a comfortable bus for a three to four hour drive to Milkovo. In Milkovo guests will transfer to the MI-8 helicopter for a flight to the lodge. The process can be a bit slow, so have patience and try to rest on the bus, it’s a long day of travel. For Eastern US travelers or those overseas, it may be best to fly through Moscow or Seoul, arriving in Petropavlovsk on Tuesday morning.

When should I go?
The season in Kamchatka is July through the first week of September. Any week can offer great trout fishing. Early weeks are dominated by very aggressive surface oriented trout and, at times, equally aggressive mosquitoes. As the season progresses salmon arrive and spawning occurs bringing more bears, more Dolly Varden and the bugs lighten up. By the end of August and early September the overnight temperatures can drop to near freezing which greatly reduces the bugs. The rainbow trout are in prime shape, eagerly eating mice and streamer patterns with reckless abandon.

Where do they fish?
The Rainbows From Above fishing program allows guests daily fly-outs to dozens of untouched trout streams. While names are not important, the fact is that there will be no other anglers. Most of the trout will eat almost anything you get in front of them and it’s likely this will be the most remote and unique fishing experience you will ever have.

Who is best suited to the destination?
Guests with a healthy sense of adventure, decent walking legs and those wanting the most exclusive and remote trophy rainbow fishing Kamchatka has to offer.

What are the accommodations and meals like?
Rainbows From Above is based out of a rustic long standing hunting lodge near the inlet of Two Yurt Lake. There are quite a few structures but angling guests use three guest cabins. Two cabins are split level with multiple bedrooms, wood burning stoves and detached flush toilets. The other cabin is newer with two rooms and two queen beds in each. This cabin has geothermal heat and an attached flush toilet. All cabins have ample storage for gear and nice mud rooms. While guests can bring sleeping bags, linens are provided at this operation. The hot springs are used for showering and guests need to bring their own towels. With far more rooms than guests, folks can often have their own private room. Meals are a mix of traditional Russian fair like borscht or stroganoff and meat dishes of pork and chicken. Sides are often times root vegetables like potatoes and carrots. While not overly fancy, the meals are tasty, hearty and filling. There are always plenty of “snacks” like crackers and cheese, pastries or breads with locally made jams and jellies. 

Describe the atmosphere and style of the lodge?
The atmosphere here is relaxed. Nothing fancy but very functional and enough comforts to keep one warm, dry and well fed.

Is the owner on-site? Who is the point person?
Will Blair and his Russian partner Victor Rebrikov are there to help and lead the way. Will has been working on the Kamchatka peninsula since 1999 and Victor has been outfitting on the peninsula since 1989. Victor is a wealth of knowledge and assists in all the local logistics and Will is always willing to share his knowledge of the fish and fisheries.

Is there internet and cell service?

How do they fish?
Most of the fishing is done with a tight line, meaning mice or streamers swung down and across and or stripped. There are some opportunities to fish traditional dry flies. The mouse fishing is a big draw and very effective. If numbers are your game, streamer fishing is super as the char species and even some salmon will attack the subsurface offerings along with the trout.

What fish will I catch?
Rainbow trout, Dolly Vardon and kundza char on some streams. There will be salmon depending on your timing. Sockeye, chum and silver salmon are available in certain drainages.

How many fish will I catch?
Typically lots. When mousing, double digit days on trout should be fairly easy to achieve for an average angler. When streamer fishing, especially when the Dolly Vardon and char show up in numbers, I would expect the catching to increase three fold.

Will we see other anglers?

Is there wade fishing?
Yes, all angling at Rainbows From Above is done while wading.

How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds?
Helicopter flights to the fishing grounds are generally 15 to 35 minutes from the basecamp.

What are the guides like?
Either Will Blair or Chris Muttert will be there as the US guides and have many years of experience. There also will be a local Russian guide with experience in the wilds of the Kamchatka peninsula.

Does the lodge provide equipment?
No, guests should be prepared with all the needed equipment for this trip.

What is your favorite rod(s) for the trip?
A stout 9 foot 6-weight is my personal favorite, but some may feel a 7-weight is a better tool for large flies and fighting larger fish.

Are there other activities?
No, angling is the focus, but you will also have some scenic hikes and flights along the way.

What are the physical demands?
You must walk a fair bit each day and all angling is done while wading. The sturdier your walking legs, the more you will be able to explore. Their are no real trails so bushwacking and stream crossings are common. Some rivers the helicopter can land riverside and productive waters are a short walk away, but this is the exception rather than the norm.

Are there other special skills required?

Dangers and annoyances?
This is a wilderness trip where folks are far from any community or medical facilities. Its important not to take risks here. You will also be in bear country and it’s best to be aware of your surroundings and to stay close to others in your group. At times the insects are annoying.

What is your favorite memory of this trip?
The landscape here is the most beautiful I have witnessed. There are many volcanic mountains and the vast untouched ecosystem is healthy and vibrant. It’s incredible to see nature as it’s supposed to be with little to no human influence.

Does this trip combine well with other trips?
The trips to Kamchatka pair well with trips in Alaska, as most guests will travel through Anchorage.

The rainbow trout here eat flies recklessly due to the lack of angling pressure.

Rainbows from above is the only program in Kamchatka that offers daily flights to the fishing.

The rainbow trout here can grow old and large without ever seeing a fly.