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Healing Waters Lodge, Montana

Healing Waters Lodge may have more angling choices within easy driving distance than any other operation in Montana. Guests can choose to float the larger rivers like the Beaverhead, Big Hole, Jefferson and Madison or walk smaller meadow streams like the Ruby, the Upper Clark Fork, South Boulder or Flint Creek. Healing Waters Lodge also offers access to private spring-fed creeks and ponds with advance notice. The lodge itself is exceedingly comfortable with spacious, double-occupancy rooms, a large outdoor hut tub, pool table, exercise room and a beautiful trout pond practically within casting range of your room.

For more information please contact Charles at 800.552.2729

Top Reasons To Go:
1.  The ability to fish entirely different systems every day, each being a classic Montana trout stream.
2.  A fishing program with the ability to incorporate float trips with walk/wade days.
3.  The lodge has a fun and engaging host with many years of experience hosting anglers.
4.  Access to private waters.

Where is the lodge?
Healing Waters Lodge is in southwest Montana, approximately 10 minutes from Twin Bridges, MT.

How do I get there?
Guests fly into Bozeman, MT and either rent a car or pay for a shuttle from the lodge.

When should I go?
The lodge season extends from May through October.

Where do they fish?
Guides will float the Beaverhead, Big Hole, Jefferson and Madison Rivers. Walk / wade days occur on the Ruby, the Upper Clark Fork, the South Boulder or Flint Creek. Private spring creeks and ponds are also available for a rod fee.

Who is best suited to this destination?
Anyone wishing to experience great Montana trout fishing and a variety of waters.

What are the accommodations and meals like?
Guests stay in spacious and comfortable double occupancy rooms with en suite bathrooms and porches. Meals are very thoughtfully prepared, fresh and well-balanced.

Describe the atmosphere and style of the lodge.
The lodge is designed to be casual and comfortable. Amenities like a large outdoor hot tub, pool table, exercise room and a trout pond ensure a pleasant stay for everyone.

Is the owner on-site?
Owners Mike and Laura Geary live next door and are on-site when guests are there. Mike and Laura have years of experience hosting anglers. Most guests find them to be very casual and engaging.

Is there internet and cell service?
Cell service is generally good but can be sporadic. Most guests will have cell phone coverage in their rooms. Wi-fi is available throughout the property.

How do they fish?
Depending on the fishery and time of the season, guests can expect to fish dry flies, nymphs and streamers throughout the course of their trip.

What fish will I catch?
Brown trout, rainbow trout, cutthroat trout.

How many fish will I catch?
This will vary greatly throughout the season and system to system. That said, most days guests can expect to hook more than a dozen fish each.

Will we see other anglers?
Guests should expect to see other boats and anglers on the public waters but not on the private waters.

Is there wade fishing?
Yes, Healing Waters Lodge has quite a few options for those who wish to fish while wading.

How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds?
Drives to the water will be anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.

What are the guides like?
The guides are all established professionals that live in the area and know their waters well.

Does the lodge provide equipment?
Yes, the lodge is prepared to provide all equipment if needed.

What is your favorite rod(s) for the trip?
I never travel for trout without my 9′ 5-weight. I also bring an 8’6″ 3-weight for small stream dry flies and a 10′ 6-weight for streamer fishing.

Are there other activities?

What are the physical demands?
Walk/wade days require the ability to walk along the banks, though none of it is very demanding.

Are there special skills required?
Only a willingness to explore and have fun.

Dangers and annoyances?
Summer evenings may have some mosquitoes, but not very bad.

What is the cost?
Rates and additional details can be seen on the destination page HERE.

Does this trip combine well with other trips?
This combines well with a trip to Yellowstone National Park (2 hours away) or any of the other destinations we represent in Montana.