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For anglers looking for the very best trophy rainbow trout tour in Argentina, this 10-day trip in the remote steppe of southern Patagonia’s Santa Cruz Province is it. This trip starts with three and half days at the Patagonia Fly Fishing Company’s Capitan Lodge (formerly know as Kooi Noom) and is followed up with full week at the incomparable Jurassic Lake Lodge. At Capitan Lodge guests will choose between fishing for very large fish in the outlet of Lago Quiroga, sight fishing pocket water on the Capitan River, as well as great sight fishing on several lagunas and a spring creek. At Jurassic Lake Lodge, guests will fish the Barancosa River as well as the waters surrounding where it dumps into Lago Strobel, widely considered the most productive trophy rainbow trout hot spot on the planet. This trip offers particularly high catch rates from October through early January with fish in excess of 10-pounds almost guaranteed, fish over 15-pounds likely, and fish over 20 pounds possible. In February, March and April, guests can also elect to spend three days at each operation making for a shorter but equally interesting combination trip. These trips require a minimum of two anglers and can take up to six guests. Last but not least, for those interested in reducing transfer times to and from Capitan Lodge, we will be offering the option of private air charter services from El Calafate (not included).

Trip Highlights:

Capitan Lodge
– 4 nights/3.5 days fishing at Capitan Lodge
– Fish a remote and wild region of Santa Cruz that few anglers have seen
– Enjoy a wide variety of trophy sight fishing venues
– Fish what may be the world’s steepest trophy rainbow trout river
– Experience great light tackle dry fly fishing on the their tiny spring creek

Jurassic Lake Lodge
– 7 nights/6.5 days fishing at Jurassic Lake Lodge
– Experience the most productive trophy rainbow fishery in the world
– Sight fish the Rio Barancosa River
– Enjoy quality accommodations in the midst of a remote and relentless environment
– Have an excellent chance at catching wild rainbows in the 15 to 20-pound class
– Fly from the lake directly back to Comodoro Rivadavia and on to Buenos Aires for departing flight home

Rate: Oct 13 – Dec 22: $9970 + $350 (standard transfers) per person

Dec 22- Jan 26: $9250 + $350 (standard transfers) per person


Day 1 ( Mon ) Arrive in Buenos Aires – Flight to Calafate – Overnight in Calafate ( Not included )
Day 2 ( Tue ) Depart for PFFC Capitan in the morning ( 6-7 hour drive or upgrade to Charter flight from Comodoro Rivadavia). Fish the rest of the day.
Day 3 – 6 ( Wed – Fri ) 3 Full fishing days
Day 7 ( Sat ) Depart for JLL after breakfast ( 1 hour drive + 15 min flight ) – Arrive to JLL – Fish the rest of the day
Day 8 to 13 ( Sun – Fri ) 6 Full fishing days
Day 14 (Sat) Depart for Comodoro Rivadavia in the morning (Charter Flight Included) – Depart for Buenos Aires (Not included) – Depart for Home

Available Dates:

Oct 23 – Nov 3: 3 rods
Nov 13 – Nov 24: 4 rods
Dec 18 – Dec 29: 6 rods
Dec 25 – Jan 5: 6 rods
Jan 1 – Jan 12: 5 rods
Jan 8 – Jan 19: 6 rods
Jan 22 – Feb 2: 6 rods

To learn more about this trip contact Ken at 800.552.2729

 The modest Capitan Lodge with the spring creek flowing in front of it.

Sight fishing in a remarkably steep section of the Capitan River.

A typical December fish from the Capitan River.

An interior view of Jurassic Lake Lodge.

Expect strong winds and trophy trout in Lago Strobel.

The home pool packed with December fish.

A  beautiful April fish from Lago Strobel.