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Abaco Lodge, Bahamas

If you’re looking for superlative bonefish waters, you’ve come to the right place. Abaco Lodge is located on Great Abaco Island near Marsh Harbour in the Bahamas. The lodge focuses on the nearly 400 square mile zone of small islands known as The Marls found to the west. The lodge is modern, comfortable and features beautiful views of a stunning Bahamian seascape. A small dipping pool is perfect to cool off after a long day battling Abaco’s bonefish and you’ll enjoy fine appetizers and cocktails around a coconut husk fire at night. Rooms are beautiful and well appointed and single anglers will enjoy included private accommodations. No one goes hungry at Abaco Lodge with fresh continental fare featuring both American and Bahamian cuisine.

The lodge is centrally located with access to some of the most productive bonefish flats found anywhere in the world right out the back door. The occasional permit and tarpon can also be a nice surprise on the flats. It would take a lifetime to explore the entire region and more than once you may find yourself deep in The Marls asking yourself, “Which way back to the lodge?” Abaco Lodge also offers opportunities on the eastern side of the island facing the Atlantic ocean, where chance encounters with larger than average bonefish are a distinct possibility. Abaco Lodge blends amazing bonefish opportunities with top notch service and luxury surroundings to offer anglers a truly memorable experience.

For more information call Dylan Rose at 800.552.2729


Expert Interview with Dylan Rose

Why Go?
1. To experience a bonefish location with great numbers of fish.
2. To book a location that offers single anglers included private rooms.
3. To experience a high-end lodge with luxurious accommodations and great food.
4. To book a destination that is easily accessible from Florida without having to overnight in Nassau.

Where is the lodge?
Abaco Lodge is located on Great Abaco Island near the town of Marsh Harbour.

How do I get there?
Guests can fly directly to Marsh Harbour from Miami, Ft. Lauderdale or Atlanta. The lodge is only 15 minutes away from the international airport.

When should I go?
Peak months are March through May with the fall season being very productive as well. Do not overlook October and November!

Where do they fish?
Anglers fish the expansive flats of The Marls of Abaco Island.

Who is best suited for this destination?
Beginning or advanced anglers interested in bonefish and looking for a luxury location that focuses on greater numbers of fish over size.

What are the accommodations and meals like?
Rooms and accommodations are luxurious and well-appointed. Each room has a lanai overlooking the water, private bathroom and a single bed. Single rooms are included on a space available basis. Double rooms can be also be arranged but pricing doesn’t change. Meals are fantastic with a nice blend of Bahamian and American cuisine.

Can you describe the atmosphere of the lodge?
The atmosphere of the lodge is casual, fun and features all the comforts of home. The lodge feels and functions more like a modern home rather than a large resort.

Is the owner on-site? If not, who is the manager or point person?
The owner is not typically on-site, but lodge management is attentive, personable and always available to help with anything you might need.

Is there Internet or cell service?
Internet is available at the main lodge. Cell service will depend on your particular carrier. Please check with your provider.

How do they fish?
Anglers fish two per boat in pristine Hells Bay flats skiffs and take turns fishing from the bow of the boat.

What fish will I catch?
Bonefish are the main quarry at Abaco Lodge. Fish range in size from 2lb – 8lbs. Larger fish are sometimes found as well. Tarpon, permit and barracuda can also be found at various times of year.

How many fish will I catch?
Any time you land double digit numbers of bonefish in a single day it is a good day. In general, the fish found at Abaco Lodge are not spooky and eat a well-presented fly eagerly.

Will we see other anglers?
Typically, the only other anglers you will see are those from the lodge. There is a remote possibility you could see anglers from other lodges.

Where do we stay?
Guests stay water-side in private single rooms with air-conditioning and a king sized bed. Each room offers a private bathroom and a beautiful porch overlooking beautiful Bahamian waters.

What is the cost?
Abaco Lodge provides a high-end experience. Please see the Rates and Details section of our Abaco Lodge web page for the current rates:

Does this destination combine well with other destinations?
In general, Abaco Lodge does not combine well with other operations.

Is there wade fishing?
Very little wade fishing is available, most of the fishing is accomplished from the boat.

How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds?
Runs do not have to be lengthy to reach prime fishing grounds. Runs of 15 minutes to 45 minutes plus are typical. In general, the waters are protected and not subject to swell coming from the ocean.

Do the guides speak English?
Yes, English is the first language of the guides.

What are the guides like?
Bahamian guides have a reputation for being “passionate”. This means that some guides may show their emotions or disappointment at poorly executed casts or missed opportunities. This is their nature. They are also are quick to laugh, smile and tease you but they are always on your team. My advice any time when dealing with foreign guides is to try and relax, realize that many cultural differences are at play and that when things get heated in the boat, try to smile and laugh your way through it the best way possible. As always, never suffer in silence. If you ever have an issue, be sure to bring it up with lodge management.

Does the lodge provide equipment?
The lodge does have some tackle available for rent, although it’s best to bring your own equipment if possible.

What is your favorite rod(s) for the trip?
Currently my favorite rod for this trip is a Sage Salt 9ft – 8wt. It’s powerful enough to deal with the wind and versatile enough for bonefish, juvenile tarpon or permit.

Are there other activities?
Abaco Lodge is primarily a small fishing operation, but eco-touring, bluewater trips, diving and a host of other activities can be arranged through third party outfitters in Marsh Harbour.

What are the physical demands?
Physical demands are generally not an issue.

Dangers and annoyances?
Some mosquitoes and biting black flies can be present. Bringing long sleeves and pants as well as a good bug repellent is a good idea.

Are there any health concerns?
The CDC is currently advising that pregnant women not travel to the Bahamas over concerns regarding Zika.