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Harrison Homestead

Listed on the National Historic Register, the Homestead is a home, not a lodge. With a maximum occupancy of six guests, the Homestead will become your group’s exclusive base where you will set the schedule. The Homestead is staffed with a professional chef, and all meals will be served in the dining room overlooking the family ranch. The Harrison Homestead is located on the banks of the Yellowstone River and is a short drive from the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks, the Stillwater River, and the Boulder River. Unlike the crowded waters in some parts of Montana, these local waters provide the opportunity to catch large, wild trout in a relaxed fly fishing environment.

Expert Q&A with Charles Gehr

For more information please contact Charles at 800.552.2729 or email HERE.

Top reasons to go

1. Enjoy a private lodging experience with river frontage on the Yellowstone River.
2. Access to less-traveled public waters as well as private water.
3. There is a wide variety of fisheries available within a short distance.
4. Harrison Homestead is one of the best values for full packages in the Rockies.

Where is the lodge?
The Homestead sits on the Yellowstone River east of Livingston, Montana.

How do I get there?
Guests fly into Bozeman, Montana and rent a car for the one hour, ten minute drive.

When should I go?
The season is in full swing at the beginning of July with most rivers in great shape and fishing well. This area fishes well into October.

Where do they fish?
Guides will fish the Yellowstone River through Paradise Valley down through the less-traveled stretches by the Homestead. Walk/wade days on the Boulder and Stillwater Rivers offer pool and pocket water fishing in a more intimate setting. The Paradise Valley spring creeks (Depuy’s, Nelson’s, Armstrong’s) are an option for anglers that are interested in the match-the-hatch dry fly game.

Who is best suited to this destination?
The Harrison Homestead is best for groups of 4-6 anglers that have varied interests in fisheries.

What are the accommodations and meals like?
The rooms in the Homestead are well-appointed and furnished for the weary angler. Meals are prepared nightly by a private chef and are always crowd pleasing.

Describe the atmosphere and style of the lodge?
The Homestead itself is a historic ranch house listed on the National Register. The property has over a mile of Yellowstone River frontage and is also a licensed pheasant preserve. Since groups of 4-6 have exclusive use of the Homestead, the experience is utterly private and whatever you make of it.

Is the owner on-site? If so, who is it? If not, who is the manager?
Either the owner or head guide will be on-site on arrival day to help everyone get settled in. The guides facilitate having everyone back home for appetizers and dinner each evening.

Is there internet and cell service?
Wireless internet is available for guests who want to bring their laptop. Most cell phones work at the house (specifically Verizon Wireless) and there is a land line if you need to use the telephone. Just bring a calling card if you are going to make long distance phone calls. There is also direct TV in the basement.

How do they fish?
Depending on the time of the season and fisheries visited anglers will fish everything from dry flies to nymphs and streamers.

What fish will I catch?
Rainbow trout, brown trout, cutthroat trout.

Will we see other anglers?
You will see other anglers, though pressure in this area is generally lighter than other areas of Montana.

Is there wade fishing?
Yes, guests can either wade fish or float fish as much as they’d like.

How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds?
Drives to the chosen river that day will vary from 15 minutes to an hour.

What are the guides like?
Guides from Sweetwater Fly Shop are consummate professionals. Most have completed Sweetwater’s highly respected guide school and have years of experience in this area.

Does the lodge provide equipment?
Guides are prepared to provide rods and reels. Waders and boots can be rented.

What are your favorite rods for the trip?
I travel to the Rockies with an 8’6″ 3-weight rod for dry fly fishing, a 9′ 5-weight rod as a do-all and a 10’2″ 6-weight rod for throwing streamers.

Are there other activities?
The Vermillion Ranch is also a state licensed Pheasant Preserve with a robust population of Ringneck Pheasants and Chukars. Anglers can complement their fall fly fishing with self-guided hunting. All dogs are welcome.

What are the physical demands?
The walk/wade fisheries require a certain amount of agility, though the wading is not difficult.

The Harrison Homestead is tucked into the trees away from the river.

A misty morning on the Yellowstone River.


An experienced brown trout sees the net.