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The sea run trout of South America have been the stuff of lore in the fly fishing world for decades. Over the years, images of brown trout pushing the 30 lb benchmark in southernmost Argentina have simply added fuel to the fire that burns in the hearts of anglers who wish to come face to face with these legendary fish. At Fly Water Travel, we feel extremely fortunate to work with a wide range of lodges that can provide guests with a trout fishing experience like none other on Earth. The following list represents our favorite destinations to have just that. While each of these programs provide an incredibly unique sea trout adventure, what they all have in common are professional guide services, classy accommodations coupled with outstanding cuisine, and an intimate knowledge of these southern waters and the monstrous fish that inhabit them.

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World’s End Lodge

Rustic yet elegant, World’s End Lodge provides anglers with a charming South American experience along the Irigoyen and Malenguena Rivers. Both of these systems win top honors for being the smallest rivers housing some of the largest sea-trout. If you enjoy fishing small, complex water with solace from the wind, this is the destination for you.

2019 Availability
December 28 – January 4: 2 rods
January 18 – 25: 2 rods
February 8 – 15: 4 rods
March 1 – 8: 3 rods
March 8 – 15: 4 rods

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Villa Maria Lodge

For over 20 years, Villa Maria Lodge has offered small, private groups exceptional sea trout fishing on the lower Rio Grande. Villa Maria is a two-handed angler’s dream, where guests get the first opportunity at chrome-bright fish due to their geographic location.

2019 Availability
January 4 – 11: 4 rods
Jan 11 – 18: 2 rods
March 1 – 8: 1 rod
March 15 – 22: 6 rods

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Kau Tapen Lodge

Kau Tapen (“house of fishing” in the native Indian Ona language) is the original sea-run brown trout fly fishing lodge in Tierra del Fuego. Kau Tapen has made the Rio Grande a household name for the fly anglers of the world with impeccable accommodations, plenty of elbow room on the Rio Grande, talented fly fishing guides, select vehicles and equipment, Argentina’s best wines and menus, and enviable fishing records since 1984.

2019 Availability
January 5 – 12: 1 rod
February 22 – March 2: 4 rods
March 2 – 9: 4 rods
March 9 – 16: 4 rods

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Estancia Maria Behety

Boasting 32 miles of the lower Rio Grande’s prime water, Estancia Maria Behety offers guests a coveted fishing program with easy wading, access to both sides of the river, skilled fly fishing guides and high catch rates. In terms of accommodations, Estancia Maria Behety has set a new standard for simple elegance and efficiency.

2019 Availability
January 5 – 12: 9 rods
January 12 – 19: 12 rods
February 2 – 9: 1 rod
February 23 – March 2: 2 rods
March 9 – 16: 4 rods
March 23 – 30: 9 rods

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Las Buitreras Lodge

The 290,000 acre Estancia Las Buitreras has private access to nearly 25 miles of the most prolific beats of the Rio Gallegos, consisting of 50 named pools on both sides of the river. The lodge itself is full of rustic charm and modern conveniences. It features seven comfortable rooms, traditional camp styling, a large veranda, a spacious wind-protected courtyard, a fully stocked beer and wine bar and a beautiful covered terrace complete with a stone grill where they host their weekly classic Argentine asado.

2019 Availability
December 28 – January 5: 3 rods
March 2 – 9: 3 rods
March 9 – 16: 5 rods
March 30 – April 6: 8 rods
April 6 – 13: 5 rods

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Estancia Despedida

For hardcore anglers who appreciate long hours on the water, short drive times, and a great value, Despedida delivers! Limited to six anglers, this operation and its team of seasoned guides have a proven record of producing impressive catches from the waters that the locals refer to as the “heart of the river.”

No Remaining 2019 Availability

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Los Plateados Lodge, Argentina

Despite the fact that Lost Plateados Lodge isn’t a sea trout destination, but rather the only true Atlantic Steelhead return in the world, we felt we must include it. Argentina’s massive Rio Santa Cruz is surrounded by a harsh and surreal Dali-esque landscape where two handed enthusiasts can swing for Atlantic Steelhead at the ends of the earth.

2019 Availability
March 16 – 22: 4 rods
March 23 – 29: 4 rods
April 6 – 12: 4 rods
April 20 – 26: 4 rods

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