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Across the dynamic landscape of Chile and Argentina, the fishing opportunities are endless. This works to the benefit of the angler because this means there is truly something for everyone in Patagonia. While some may prefer to spend long days on foot walking and wading the rivers of the region, others travel south to experience some of the finest drift fishing on the planet. The good news is that guests will often have the option to do both at many of the lodges we work with. At some, multi-day wilderness floats can even be arranged. Days spent floating in Patagonia are some of the most legendary downriver fly fishing experiences available, and often times a day spent in the boat means accessing fish that are less pressured and observing nature that is not often seen by human eyes. For those who wish to have a float fishing experience such as this, below you will find five of our favorite venues for incorporating days of drifting on your next Patagonian adventure.

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Limay River Lodge, Argentina

Limay River Lodge is the only lodge on this vast braided river with more than 50 miles of water and ten distinct floats. While historically thought of as late season migratory brown trout river the truth of the matter is that this system is packed with resident rainbows and browns, the vast majority of which are 18-22 inches and eager to eat large dry flies. Add to that even larger resident fish, huge migratory browns from March through May and you will see why this operation has gotten the attention of the most seasoned South American anglers.

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Patagonian Basecamp, Chile

With innumerable rivers, creeks, lakes and lagoons within arms reach of Patagonian Basecamp, the fishing options are nearly unlimited. Throughout the course of a stay, anglers will never fish the same section of water twice and it would take a full month to fish all the beats they offer. The main systems fished include the Palena, Rosselot, Figueroa and Yelcho rivers along with their adjoining lakes and tributaries. The fishing program is centered around boat-based fishing due to the size, structure and difficult access points to their rivers and lakes.

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Coyhaique River Lodge, Chile

Coyhaique River Lodge enjoys private access to about 75% of the water they fish. Most of their private land use agreements originate with down-home community relations in which a neighbor needs help cutting a road, harvesting trees, or managing their cattle. Always capable and happy to help, this often leads the brothers to land exclusive access rights to trophy rainbow lakes, small walk and wade gems or special put-ins on rivers that few others float. In a land where anglers are already relatively few and far between, these arrangements will virtually assure that you will have days with a beautiful spring-creek, river or lake entirely to yourself.

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Carrileufu River Lodge, Argentina

Guests enjoy a wide range of fishing options with the nearest being a five minute drive and the farthest being a 50 minute drive.  The fishing program gives anglers the option to fish from drift boats and rafts and they can also enjoy a wide range of walk and wade venues. In addition to the numerous waters found in Los Alerces National Park, the lodge can also arrange a three-day wilderness float on the Rio Chubut from December through February. The lodge can take two to six anglers on this adventure and they will provide all camping equipment as well as great meals.

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Patagonia River Ranch, Argentina

Patagonia River Ranch is arguably the most deluxe, luxurious and refined fishing lodge in all of Patagonia. Furthermore, they have the ability to easily access six different rivers during your stay, giving guests the opportunity (determined by conditions) to fish a new river each day. Nestled in Northern Argentina, it is tough to think of a lodge in a more ideal location than Patagonia River Ranch.

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