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June is an exciting month for fly anglers visiting Alaska. The freshness of the season is palpable and there is scarcely a footprint on the river banks. Best of all, trophy rainbows ravenously chase smolt, fry and even furry rodents as they come off a long winter. The mighty king salmon start their run to natal rivers with chum and sockeyes right on their tails. Lodges open with their guides eager to return to the rivers and fish they love most. The yearly cycle that makes Alaska one of the most productive fishing destinations in the world begins again. To be successful during this time requires knowing the intricacies of the fish and the conditions. Of particular importance is knowing where and when the salmon smolt or fry will be most prevalent as well as where and when fly anglers can successfully target adult king salmon. If you love swinging flies and tight line takes, June is arguably the best month to visit Alaska. Below you will find a list of our favorite venues to experience this magical time of year in The Last Frontier.

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Igiugig Lodge

Pronounced (Ig-ee-AH-gig) this cozy family run operation sits on the bank of Lake Iliamna near the mouth of the ruggedly beautiful Kvichak (Kwee-Jack) River. For fly anglers, the Kvichak’s most famous inhabitants are its supercharged steelhead-esque rainbow trout. These fish grow to epic proportions in Lake Iliamna and return to the river each summer to fatten up.

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Rapids Camp Lodge

Perched on the shore of one of Alaska’s finest trophy trout rivers, the Naknek, Rapids Camp Lodge is an easy to reach full service fly-out Alaskan fly fishing lodge with excellent home waters and one of the most diverse and exciting fly fishing programs in Alaska. Seasoned hardcore fly anglers appreciate the wide range of water the lodge frequents.

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Rainbow King Lodge

Located on the shores of Lake Iliamna, Alaska’s largest lake, Rainbow King Lodge is a large, easy to reach luxury operation that has rich history in the region. Rainbow King has an extremely unique fishing program that offers essentially private access to many of the region’s finest streams and rivers.

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Royal Wolf Lodge

Strategically located on a 120-acre inholding within the heart of Katmai National Park’s finest trout waters, Royal Wolf Lodge is one of Alaska’s finest fly-out fly fishing operations. Short flying times to the region’s premier watersheds including the Moraine, Funnel, Big Ku, Battle, American and the Kvichak are guaranteed, as is quality home water in the event of poor flying conditions.

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No See Um Lodge

Nestled on a private bluff overlooking the Kvichak River, No-See-Um Lodge has ranked among the finest Alaskan fly-out fly fishing operations for over 25 years. Anglers access all of the Katmia/Iliamna region’s finest trout waters with the help of experienced pilots, professional guides, impeccably maintained float-planes, and countless jet boats stashed away on all the best systems.

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