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Pirarucu Lodge, Brazil
Check out this end-of-season report and photos from our great friends at Pirarucu Lodge and Untamed Angling:

Years ago, we felt that the Mamirauá Reserve would produce incredible fly fishing for arapaima, and our fourth season at Pirarucu certainly confirmed this. This is undoubtedly the largest population of wild arapaima on earth inside a spectacular protected area in the Amazon, and we believe our 2018 season proved it. We had a spectacular season of fly fishing for arapaima, arowana, and tambaqui, and we were impressed with the number of fish caught.

2018 Highlights

The average number of arapaima landed per day, per angler was almost twice the average of last season. Water levels were great for most of the season, and we frequently had good weather and great fish activity. The baitfish schools that came from the Solimoes and Japura rivers were really large, and those came with a wall of arapaima after them. As the season started in early September, the water got into good shape, and very quickly the numbers of active fish got all of our guides excited.

We had some weeks with 6–10 arapaima hooked per angler each day, with 3–4 fish landed every day. If we combine this with arowana and tambaqui action, people might have a hard time believing us.

We also can’t forget some of the other amazing highlights. For example, in late September, George caught what was possibly the largest arapaima of season — a monster of 2.42m (8.2 feet) — and his wife Sharon landed a beast of 2.09m. This is a remarkable accomplishment for a couple, not counting all the other fish they landed. Another highlight was when Tim Babich and his group of anglers destroyed many of our records for numbers of fish landed in one single week. Finally, we will never forget when we caught what was probably the largest freshwater fish ever landed on a fiberglass rod — a 210cm (7 feet) arapaima on a 10wt Epic fiberglass rod!

The amount of action overall this season was extraordinary:
• In 12 weeks, we landed an average of 1.6 arapaima per day, per angler and hooked three times this number every day for every angler.
• More than 40 percent of fish landed were above 150 centimeters (5 feet), and we landed 27 fish over 200 centimeters, which were all above 180 pounds.
• With a total of 412 arapaima landed by 52 anglers, in an average of 4.5 days fishing, we can say we are getting better season after season.
• We hosted anglers from 14 different countries, and Pirarucu is now being recognized globally as the destination for arapaima fly fishing.

We also enjoyed extensive non-angling activities specially designed and hosted by professionalnaturalist guides and biologists. These trips allow couples and families to enjoy the wildlife ofthe Amazon.

The Pirarucu Project

The Pirarucu Project performs biological research and registers biometric measurements of all arapaima caught, and this database is helping us increase our knowledge. We learn more with every fish that we catch, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of this fish and ecosystem.

The Pirarucu Project also helps to protect more than 2 million hectares of pristine jungle in a world-renowned, natural preserve in the Amazon — the Mamirauá Reserve. And anglers help to support this through fly fishing tourism. Twelve different communities in the Mamirauá Reserve are supported through better water treatment, improvements to schools and community centers, and more.

Get ready for 2019!

We’d like to thank all of our guests for being part of this amazing season. You made this great season happen! But we’d also like to share some exciting news for 2019: We’ve discovered new areas that have never been fished before that we will be exploring next season. And we have other good surprises, as well.

Be part of this amazing adventure in 2019, and come pursue what could be the largest fish of your life!

Untamed Angling Brasil Staff
Pirarucu is an exclusive Untamed Angling destination.