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Las Pampas Lodge – Rio Pico, Argentina 

In many ways Las Pampas Lodge offers the ultimate Argentine trout fishing experience. Their remote location, their diversity of waters, and there 100% Argentine staff makes this a complete package that is hard to improve upon. With a multitude of spring creeks, small freestone rivers, and trophy still waters as well as a mix of rainbow, brown and brook trout all within a small radius, anglers are presented with an array of options that would take weeks to fully sample.  Their local Argentine staff is equally as appealing and excel at making their guests feel like part of their larger family. When combined with its unique location, distance from other lodges, and exclusive access to private waters Las Pampas Lodge is and remains a distinguished Fly Water favorite.

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Expert Interview

Why go?
1. Incredible dry fly fishing opportunities.
2. 1:1 guest to staff ratio.  Each pair of anglers heads to the river with a guide and an assistant guide so each angler always has someone by their side.
3. Highly diverse multi-species trout program that has something for everyone.
4. Their welcoming and friendly 100% Argentine staff offers guests an authentic Patagonia experience.
5. A remote and beautiful lodge location.

Where is the lodge and how do I get there?
The Lodge is located in the Chubut Province of central Patagonia within the heart of the Rio Pico area. It’s located approximately 150 miles south (a 3 hour drive) of Esquel.

When should I go?
Las Pampas Lodge is open November through April. For those looking to catch rainbows, browns, and brookies in the same week, December-January and March-April are great times to be there.

Where do they fish?
Las Pampas has nearly two dozen fishing accesses that cover a large variety of water types including lakes, small to medium sized freestone rivers and spring creeks. This provides anglers with opportunities to sample multiple different types of water or concentrate solely on those they most prefer.

Where do guests stay?
The main lodge is a European-style log and stone structure which features a main common area with guest lounge, dining room, bar and four spacious double occupancy guest rooms with private baths.

What are the accommodations and meals like?
Guest rooms are spacious, clean and tastefully decorated. Each guest room has two twin beds, nightstand, table and chairs, private bath and opens onto a covered veranda overlooking the mountainous  landscape. Two of the four rooms are equipped with fireplaces. Meals at the lodge are comprised of inspired local and international choices that range from fresh thick cut steaks to tasty vegetarian dishes, all of which are paired with select Argentine wines.

How would you describe the general vibe and atmosphere of the lodge?
One of my favorite qualities of Las Pampas Lodge is the casual, friendly, fun and inclusive vibe. The staff and guides welcome each guest with open arms and treat them as if they were part of the family.

Is there an onsite manager, owner or point person at the lodge?
The co-owner and lodge manager, Agustin “Oggy” Fox, is always on-site to host guests. He’s a fun loving energetic character who actively engages with guests and livens up conversations during cocktail hour and dinner each evening.

Is there internet and cell service?
The lodge has a slow but reliable wifi internet connection. There is no cell phone service and the lodge has a satellite phone for emergencies.

What is the cost?
Please see the Rates and Details section of our Las Pampas Lodge web page for the current rates:

How do they fish?
Overall, there is a strong emphasis on walk and stalk fishing with dry flies.  However, when conditions dictate they employ a variety of productive Western (US) trout techniques.

What fish will I catch?
Rainbow trout, brown trout and brook trout.  It’s one of the few destinations where anglers can get a Patagonia Trout Slam in the same week.

How many fish will I catch?
Las Pampas has high catch rate rivers and creeks (where anglers can catch 20+ fish a day) as well as rivers, lakes and lagunas that produce trophy trout in lower numbers.

Will we see other anglers?
It’s rare to see other anglers outside of those staying with you at the lodge.

Do the guides speak English?
All of the guides speak good conversational and fishing English.

What are the guides like?
The guides are enthusiastic, passionate, hard-working and skilled professionals who know the Rio Pico fisheries like the back of their hands.  Many of them grew up fishing the area waters. They are all very friendly, helpful and willing to do what’s necessary to provide their clients with a great lodge experience.

Is there wade fishing?
Yes, there are plenty of wade fishing options. In a typical week anglers spend 60-70%+ of the time wading and the remainder of the time in fishing out of rafts on the rivers and lakes.

How far is it to the fishing grounds?
Guests access the fishing grounds in 4×4 trucks with travel times ranging from 15-60 minutes.

Does the lodge provide equipment?
The lodge has a good size stock of waders, boots, rods or reels for guests to borrow.  Also, one of the special things about this program is that the guides furnish all terminal tackle including leaders, tippets, and flies.

Are there other activities?
They do not have a focused program for additional experiences but they can provide some great hiking and horseback riding options.

What is your favorite rod(s) for the trip?
Any high quality fast action 6 wt. will do the trick for most of their waters.  Most anglers travel with a variety of rods in the 4-7 wt. range.

What are the physical demands?
It can be windy at times so it’s good to have experience casting in the wind. Wading is generally easy. Anglers should be prepared to do a reasonable amount of walking each day.

Are there any dangers or annoyances?
In the early season, November through December, there can be some horse flies around. From my experience standard bug repellent and DEET did not work so it is advised to wear long sleeved shirts and a Buff to protect yourself.

Are there health concerns?
Argentine Patagonia is a relatively easy and safe place to travel.  However, one thing to point out is the remoteness and distance of the lodge to the nearest hospital (3 hours away). If something were to go wrong  it’s a long way from trained medical help and therefore we recommend a Global Rescue plan for this destination.

Las Pampas Lodge 2015-9890
Las Pampas Lodge has every amenity you’d expect of a classic trout lodge without being too over-the-top.

Las Pampas is in a remote and beautiful corner of central Patagonia.

When it comes to available water types, fishing styles and trout species, Las Pampas Lodge may be unbeatable.

Las Pampas Lodge 2015-0034
Offering crushing top-water takes and large trout, their still water options shouldn’t be overlooked!

Las Pampas Lodge 2015-6060
Las Pampas has an atmosphere where the guides, staff and clients are all part of the family. 

If you’d like to learn more about this destination or start exploring other Patagonia fishing possibilities drop us a line at Email or call 800-552-2729.