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Yakutia Airlines has announced a limited flight schedule between Anchorage and Petropavlovsk for summer of 2019. These newly announced flights correspond with some prime openings in 2019, so if you have interest in traveling to Kamchatka on the short route in 2019 there is still time. Below you will see the programs which have the space to match these flights from Anchorage and back.

Yakutia flight schedule for 2019
August 18 – Depart Anchorage at 7:30AM
August 25 – Arrive Anchorage at 5:55AM

August 25 – Depart Anchorage at 7:30AM
September 1 – Arrive Anchorage at 5:55AM

Note: Flights cross the international date line, so guests fly from Anchorage on Sunday’s and land in Kamchatka on Monday’s(19 hours of time difference)

Available trips matching this convenient schedule
Savan River: August 19 –  August 25 (6 spots)
Savan River: August 26 – September 1 (4 spots)
Ichanga River: August 26 – September 1 (4 rods)

Rate: $6850 per person for 7 day / 6 night package


Please give David a call at 800.552.2729 to discuss Kamchatka and these newly announced opportunities