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St. Brandon’s Atoll, Mauritius

Our good friends Mike and Tana Powell recently returned from St. Brandon’s Atoll.  Here is what Mike had to say about their trip –

“We are back from St Brandon’s, and it was an amazing week for us. Huge bonefish, and lots of them. The average was 4-5 lbs, and we started weighing each fish over 5 lbs (these are real weights, not some fisherman’s inflated guesstimate), with the largest topping out at 8.5 lbs. Lost a few that were even larger.

The guides were amazing, some of the best we have had anywhere. And they were also good photographers, some pics attached. Yes, the colors are vivid, but they were in real life too.

The ride from Mauritius to St Brandon’s in the fishing boat was a slog, not for the comfort traveler. For us, it was worth it, and even for the person that was seasick. But this ride is definitely not for the average person; it’s for the adventure traveler that doesn’t mind 28 hrs of rock and roll on the ocean. That said, it’s probably the ride that keeps this wonderful atoll under fished, and likely one of the most preserved fisheries in the area.

Here are a few pics from the trip. Yes, my first permit. Yes, my largest lifetime bonefish (8.5 lbs). Yes, multiple double hook-ups, and one day (when all four of us were close together on the flats), we had a quadruple hook-up. As far as I can tell, bonefish at St Brandon’s are conceived into existence at 2-3 lbs, as we didn’t catch anything all week less than that.”

Thank you for the report Mike! Looks like you had a fabulous time!

For information on St. Brandon’s Atoll contact Brian at 800.552.2729