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Alphonse Island Resort, Seychelles 

April 13th-20th, 2019
103 cm GT on Top Sticks Finger!

The early low tides this week reduced the fishing opportunity for the traditional dropping bonefish, but it made for excellent cool water pushing tides. This was evident in the number of fish spotted on the finger flats, especially during the push.

Two yellowmargin triggerfish, the most challenging triggerfish to catch at Alphonse, were landed this week. One on Tam-Tam finger and one guest caught a moustache triggerfish on Dragon’s Back finger.

Rat packs, consisting mostly of bluefin and giant trevally, are still showing up in good numbers on the finger flats. A guest caught the biggest bluefin of the week, measuring a whopping 71 cm, off a rat pack at Hologram. Another St. Francois first timer, caught a beautiful 70 cm GT on Tam-Tam finger, also from a rat pack. The largest giant trevally for the week was caught on GT-Friday, a beast top-lagoon fish measuring 103 cm on Top Sticks Finger.

Although the sailfish seemed to be quite lethargic, the wahoo made sure the bluewater fishermen had enough action with a total of 13 fish landed.

Total Catch Stats From 10 Anglers This Week:
Bonefish: 366
Giant trevally: 4
Bluefin trevally: 5
Triggerfish: 3
Wahoo: 13

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April 6th-13th, 2019 
Double Holy Grail and a 97 cm GT!

The longer drops and slower moving water made for excellent fishing on the finger flats of St Francois atoll this week. Fish of all species were spotted on these coralline flats throughout the week with some good fish being landed.

Two guests had a cracking day on Thursday, doubling up on two massive yellowspot trevally on La Passe finger – truly a special and rare moment. The biggest bluefin trevally of the week was caught measuring 66 cm. Another area on the atoll that fished very well during the week was the Back of the Moon, on the southern side of St. Francois Island. Two permit were landed in this area, with one fish measuring 60 cm.

A guest had a once in a lifetime day on Thursday, completing a flats slam well before lunchtime. The slam consisted of a giant trevally of 68 cm, caught on Tam-Tam flat, a beastly yellowmargin triggerfish, measuring 51 cm and sealing the deal with a bonefish caught on Andrew’s Train. The giant trevally are still showing up in good numbers, with a lot of fish being spotted daily. The biggest giant trevally of the week, measuring 91 cm, was landed on the apex of the eastern sand flats of the atoll. Numerous “ratpacks” are present on the atoll as well. One guest had an encounter with one of these groups on Friday, landing 3 GT’s in a row.

A father and son team  had an amazing first saltwater fly fishing week. Dad landed a massive 51 cm yellowmargin triggerish on the white sand flats of Mullet Bay and son landedthe best bonefish of the week for the group, measuring 67 cm, off Point Dot on Alphonse Island.

Total Catch Stats From 12 Anglers This Week:
Bonefish: 567
Giant trevally: 6
Bluefin trevally: 12
Yellowspot trevally: 2
Triggerfish: 3
Permit : 2


March 30th- April 6th 2019
2 GT’s Landed on Big Fish Friday

A great group of friends and family joined us at Alphonse Island this week to experience Mother Nature in all her glory and to make memories that will last a lifetime. It being the most of the guest’s first time flats fishing, bonefish were the initial target. In total, 492 were landed, with the biggest specimen, measuring 63 cm. .

The giant trevally fishing proved to be challenging throughout the week, with a total of four fish being landed. One guest had a great week fishing for them, landing a 66 cm GT in the surf at Fallujah during a surf walk, and a 75 cm fish on Big Fish Friday. On the same day, he landed a bonefish and a moustache triggerfish, completing a flats slam. The largest GT for the week was caught also on Big Fish Friday, measuring 81 cm.

As an alternative to GTs, the atoll also has numerous other trevally species. Two very special trevally catches were made.  A beast of a 72 cm bluefin trevally, and  a 61 cm yellow dot trevally.

St Francois continues to be a truly diverse fishery. One guest caught a sailfish, a wahoo, close to 40 bonefish and a 68 cm GT, all on his first ever saltwater fly fishing trip. Way to go!

Total Catch Stats From 12 Anglers This Week:
Bonefish: 492
Bluefin trevally: 3
Giant trevally: 4
Yellowdot trevally: 1
Sailfish: 3
Wahoo: 2


16th – 23rd March 2019
599 Bonefish in One Week!

The fishing gods have been giving everyone a hard time this week, with three days of heavy lightning making rods hum and tick with static electricity. A large number of bones were brought to hand despite the wind and clouds cloaking our favorite quarry on the flats. 599 bones have been subjected to eating our flies, much to their duress. The biggest fish went 66 cm, what an impressive fish!

Five of the eight GT’s were landed by guest Kyle, followed closely by Mike who landed the other three, one of which was the longest measuring in at 76 cm. Against all odds, one guest with his guide and fish magnet, ‘Pistol’ Peter Berik, stuck a beauty of a milkfish and the only one for the week measuring 101 cm.

We have seen some very self-centered piscatorial mood swings on the flats the past six days from the triggerfish and against their better judgment two moustache triggers made a good choice and ate fly. Brent from Umpqua Feather Merchants in the USA got the trophy for his efforts. Once again the man of the hour Kyle managed to stick the only permit for this crazy week with his not-so-crazy guide Kyle ‘9 foot’ Simpson.

On the Bluewater this week, Patrick & Jane dominated the fish, landing three wahoo, three yellowfin tuna, two barracuda and a sailfish in one day before lunch! A further two sails and a wahoo were caught on fly by our honeymooners, Gregory & Pascale along with Joe who caught a ‘Bills and Bones’ slam.

Bonefish: 599
Giant trevally: 8
Milkfish: 1
Permit: 1
Triggerfish: 2
Yellowfin tuna: 3
Barracuda: 2
Wahoo: 4
Sailfish: 3


09th – 16th March 2019
The GT’s are still around in Full Force!
The spring tides moved into neaps this week and coupled with the amazing weather conditions, the stage was set for an amazing week of fishing. The GT’s were rife in the surf and the triggers were happy tailing on the fingers. The guests and guides took full advantage of the situation, one guest managed a four-GT day, twice in a row, which is an amazing achievement.
One guest had an incredible day getting his flat slam, starting off with a 61 cm bonefish, followed by a big yellow margin triggerfish of 46 cm and closed the deal with a 109 cm GT, which was spotted free swimming through Petit le Passe Channel – what a slam! Another guest also had an incredible week, landing 6 GT’s while fishing on the outside, the biggest of them measuring in at 98 cm.
The bluewater really came alive this week, an influx of warm water and some excellent current lines with a bit of wind really brought the fish up. 31 sailfish were raised, 15 hooked and 6 landed, along with 3 wahoo. The small black marlin have also moved in, raising 3 and landing 1 for the week, we hope they stick around for the weeks to come!

Bonefish: 360
Triggerfish: 3
Giant trevally: 17
Bluefin trevally: 6
Yellowfin tuna: 20
Wahoo: 3
Sailfish: 6
Black marlin: 1


16th – 23rd February 2019
24 GT’s and two Slams in One Week!
The weather and tides worked together extraordinary this week, as we hit the full spring tidal cycle, and set a perfect playing field for flats fishing.

Both guests and guides performed well when opportunities presented themselves resulting in great catch numbers. The atoll was alive with multiple giant trevally “rat packs” present and feeding fish in and around the surf lines. Guest Ron, who continued his stay with us, had another cracking week. He completed a flats slam with a 100 cm GT, a massive moustache triggerfish, and while fishing for bonefish, managed to land a permit. That is truly an amazing slam!

Further in the week he hooked and landed a milkfish on the outside Alphonse channel, and tussled in a very special 77 cm GT that was spotted with its back out of the water on Ignoblis channel. On the same day that Ron got his flats slam, another guest hit the slam as well. He hooked a very aggressive moustache triggerfish in the surf, a giant trevally off a cruising ray and a bonefish – all between Rattrays and Beirut. Guests had multiple shots on giant trevally each day and one guest made the most of it. In one day he caught an 85 cm fish tailing on the turtle grass inside Small Wreck and an 80 cm off a ray on Crossroads.

On the bluewater side, four wahoo, five yellow fin tuna, one massive barracuda and a sailfish were caught.


Bonefish: 394
Giant trevally: 24
Triggerfish: 3
Permit: 3
Milkfish: 1
Bluefin trevally: 20
Yellowfin tuna: 5
Wahoo: 4
Sailfish: 1
Barracuda: 1
Bohar Snapper: 1

23rd February – 02nd March 2019
120 cm GT on the White Sand!
Despite the uncomfortable weather patterns over the outer islands this week the team of guides and guests still managed to get out to the flats of St Francois every day. The slower moving water during the neap tide insured cold clean water throughout the lagoon, which was great for Sunday bonefish therapy.

Changing weather patterns and positive approaches led to be a remarkable week on the flats. Richard joined the ”Holy Grail Golden Club” with his first indo-pacific permit stretching the tape to 60 cm, a remarkable trophy to be very proud of. “Milkfish Mike”  landed the biggest GT of the week, measuring in at 120 cm. It doesn’t get any better hooking a monster like this on the white sand!

The sailfish played a fair game and Dominika and Pavel celebrated a double hook up and a successful release. Cyril has been on a GT dry run for five seasons and this year he landed a beautiful specimen! To top it all off, this week we had a special catch, a rare but stunning batfish! Tip of the hat to all anglers this week.


Bonefish: 296
Giant trevally: 6
Triggerfish: 1
Permit: 1
Batfish: 1
Bluefin trevally: 3
Dogtooth tuna: 1
Sailfish: 2
Wahoo: 1

February 9th-16th, 2019
GT Madness!

As we moved to the neap tide phase, extended inshore fishing opportunities were possible due to the slower moving water. This, together with a steady north easterly blowing, brought back calm sea conditions. The Giant trevally fishing was particularly good, with a total of 14 excellent fish landed.

Seven of these fish were caught by one angler, which included a 101 cm fish on the flats at Bus Stop an 81 cm raised with a large popper outside the reef. He also had an epic day on GT Friday, landing a whopping five fish!

Popping outside the reef proved to be very effective this week, as crystal clear water could be found throughout the week. Alistair had a successful week, landing the largest bonefish of the week, measuring 66 cm, and in a divine fishing moment hooked and landed a permit at One Palm. Guests fishing the bluewater managed to land two cracking amberjacks, one tuna and two wahoo on fly. Many sailfish were raised, and it’s encouraging to see that they are still around in good numbers.


Bonefish: 367
Giant trevally: 14
Bluefin trevally: 11
Amberjack: 2
Permit: 1
Tuna: 1
Wahoo: 2