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Cosmoledo Atoll, Seycelles 

April 11th-18th, 2019
112 cm & 107 cm Gt’s landed to End the Season!

Last week’s weather seemed to have blown itself out and our guests were greeted with some postcard-perfect weather. The week started off with a neap tide that shifted nicely into a full moon spring tide as the week closed out.

The week kicked off with a bang with three guests all getting stuck into their first GT’s. One guest, being new to the flats, had a fantastic week. His trophy 112 cm GT was the fish of the week. Four guests all managed to continue the great trigger fishing from last week. One guest carried her stellar form from last week and managed to land the only milkfish of the week. There seemed to be a lot of baitfish out in the bluewater this week and there were some good signs of yellowfin tuna around. A guest managed to get a deep bend his fly rod as he went tight on a good specimen. Another guest added a good count to our GT stats as he kept the score board ticking over. He also landed a trophy fish that measured a solid 107 cm.

It was a great week had by all with some spectacular weather and some good banter at the sundowners table. A great way to close out an unbelievable season out here on Cosmoledo. The Eco-Camp has been an incredible success thanks to the excellent work put in by our awesome team on the ground as well as the great guests that have had the privilege of experiencing this incredible destination with us… Until next season!

Total Catch Stats From 10 Anglers This Week:

Giant trevally: 64
Triggerfish: 13
Bonefish: 12

For more information about Cosmoledo please contact Brian at 800.552.2729



April 4th-11th 2019
Triggerfish Mania – 13 Landed!

Some pretty rough weather was predicted for the first few days of the week and it arrived in full force. Strong winds and consistent rain made for some tough conditions out on the flats. With a spring tide to get the week going however, the anglers remained hopeful.

One guest had a great introduction to flats fishing. He landed his first GT, triggerfish and bonefish for the week.  Another had a great week out on the water despite the challenging conditions. He landed his first GT on fly but perhaps his catch of the week was a beautiful 9½ lbs bonefish that had his reel screaming for mercy! An old friend landed 8 of the 13 triggers caught for the week including a monster 57 cm yellowmargin triggerfish, the biggest of the season so far!

Despite the conditions everyone managed to get stuck into some solid GT’s with a few real trophies seen or lost. The trigger-fishing was off the charts this week so here’s hoping the trend carries through to our final week of the season.


Giant trevally: 64
Triggerfish: 13
Bonefish: 12


March 28th – April 1st 2019 
Private Group – 3 Days of Fishing

With a shortened week planned for this week we welcomed eight guests for three days of fishing on Cosmoledo Atoll.

The extremely calm and flat conditions and neap tides made for some trying conditions. Stepping down to lighter leaders and even fishing 10 weights seemed to be the answer for the three days.

All the guys made their short time on the water count. Six guests all landed their first GT’s on the flats. The guys also got stuck into the countless reef species that call the Cosmo reefs and lagoon home. Saddleback and african marble grouper, bohar snapper and bluefin trevally to name a few had their rods bending in the cork!

A fun and cooking hot few days on the water was had by all and we look forward to welcoming this group back to Cosmoledo in the near future!

Tight Lines from the Alphonse Fishing Co. Guides on Cosmoledo Atoll!


March 14th – 21st, 2019
118 cm GT destroys a Popper!
The group could not have asked for better weather with the great weather from last week continuing through to this week. Neap tides in the beginning of the week seemed to keep some warm water around but as the week progressed the spring tides flushed the lagoon with cooler water.

It was tough going early in the week with few GT’s seen around. But as the week progressed the fishing slowly turned on. Robert and Stephen both got stuck into their first ever GT’s. The triggers were around in good numbers and kept the guys busy while waiting for the tides to turn. Bill, Stephen, Richard and Michael all got stuck in to the triggers while the rest of the group came back to camp with a few chewed up flies. Bill had a great week on the water and managed to land his biggest GT to date and the biggest of the week. A 118 cm monster that destroyed his popper at the boat!

It was a tough week on the flats with some really hot conditions keeping the warm water around. The guys persevered and on the last day of the week some good numbers were seen and caught.


Bonefish: 51
Giant trevally: 63
Triggerfish: 4
Milkfish: 1

March 07th – 14th, 2019
102 GT’s in a Week!
Some old friends of Alphonse Fishing Co. joined us this week on Cosmoledo.
The group had some picture perfect weather predicted for the week with minimal wind, sunny skies and spring tides to kick things off.

New to flats fishing, Brent and Harriet had the time of their lives! They each landed their first GT and bonefish and Brent even managed to land a tricky triggerfish, along with the rest of the crew who got stuck into the triggerfish action. But it was Ernie who claimed the title of triggerfish champion of the week. He landed an impressive 4 triggers for the week.

Randy certainly had a week to remember after landing a GT that measured 117 cm! He added another fish of 106 cm to his tally later in the week as well as a 56 cm moustache triggerfish and ended off with the only milkfish landed for the week. His wife, Lisa, had a great first-trip out to Cosmo. Lisa landed her first GT on fly and a host of other species including a giant saddleback grouper that nearly pulled her off her feet!
Michael made his final day on the flats count with two solid GT’s that cracked the magic one-metre mark, 100 cm and 103 cm respectively. But the big fish of the trip belonged to Joe. Not only did he land a 53 cm triggerfish but his 121 cm GT was the talk of the camp. An absolute brute of a fish that was spotted cruising high in the channel and was intercepted with a popper. A fish of a lifetime!

With so many great fish landed and so many more lost or missed the banter around camp was great. There is no question that the group made some great memories that will be relived for some time to come.

Bonefish: 84
Giant trevally: 102
Triggerfish: 12
Milkfish: 1

February 21st – 28th, 2019
A 123 cm Bruiser in the Surf!

It was a full moon spring tide that greeted the group which moved slowly into neap tides as the week progressed. However, the weather left something to be desired as a large system hanging over northern Madagascar pulled some heavy clouds and strong winds over Cosmoledo Atoll.

The inclement weather definitely had an impact on the fishing this week but the group stuck to their guns and went out every day with confidence and it payed off. A bunch of GT’s were landed throughout the week. The weather aside, every day had stories of shots had and shots missed. Cosmo’s diversity came into its own this week as the team got stuck into a variety of species that call the Cosmo lagoon home.

At the end of the week, however, one fish stilled the whole group from raving. On day one while stalking the surf zone a guest just so happened to be in the right place at the right time. His cast made it and it was up to the fish to do the rest! An epic battle ensued and it wasn’t long before he was cradling the fish he had traveled so far to catch. A 123 cm bruiser from the surf is a fish of a lifetime and it will definitely go down as one of the top fish of season!

All in all, the team was positive and had a great time on and off the water.

February 14th – 21st, 2019
Two Giants over the 100 cm Mark!
With the week moving into some big spring tides and some picture perfect weather the group this week were eager to hear some screaming reels!

With absolute glass-off conditions on day one and two the fishing was a little tricky. Never the less the guys still managed to produce the goods with all the boats landing a number of GT’s and seeing a lot more. A slight change in tactic to small flies in the calmer conditions seemed to be the answer and each day saw better and better catch results.

Michael had a good first day out on the water and landed a trophy fish of 107 cm. A good welcome back to Cosmo for Mike. Vladim also had a good trip back to Cosmo landing a good number of GT’s, bones and a couple of triggers to round things off. New to the Seychelles, Laurent and Gerhard  had a great week each landing their first ever GTs, but as usual it was Helmut that stole the show! No stranger to Cosmo and its inhabitants, Helmut lived up to his namesake “Never-stop-casting”. On the final day of the week with a strong pushing tide Helmut got stuck into the GT’s as they pushed in on the surf. He landed two fish over the magic 100 cm mark including an absolute beast of 113 cm.

Some postcard weather, great tides and great fishing made for smiles all around camp for the week. We look forward to keeping this hot streak going into next week.

Giant trevally: 101
Bonefish: 38
Triggerfish: 10

February 7th-14th, 2019
131cm GT and 190 GT’s for the Week!

Coming off of the spring tide cycle and moving into neap tides by the end of the week the group were eager to pick up where last weeks’ group had left off.

When the group finally made it to Cosmo they hit the water running. The numbers of fish seen and caught during that first day of fishing was outrageous! As the week went on the numbers kept on rolling in. Two anglers landed over 40 GT’s in their first two days of fishing on Cosmoledo Atoll alone! Absolutely mind blowing flats fishing.

One angler landed his first GT and kept adding to his tally as the week went on. Dr. Dave joined us again and picked up where he left off last season. A solid moustache trigger on his first day on the water, followed up with a 105 cm GT and then proceeded to add 17 GT’s in one day on the water. Bo and Kasja had an unforgettable trip. Between the two of them they landed over 50 GT’s. But it was Kasja’s 54 cm yellowmargin triggerfish and Bo’s 71 cm permit that had the both of them grinning from ear to ear the whole week.

Out of all the incredible fishing experienced this week however, the boat pairing of father and son Bill and Jeremy stood out amongst the rest. On one particular day they landed 10 GT’s, 2 bonefish, and two indo-pacific permit between them to complete a father and son ‘Grand Slam’. Jeremy is also the first person to complete a ‘Bills & Bones Slam’ on Cosmoledo.

The fish that most people in the group will remember was Jeremy’s first ever GT. On his first day on the flats of Cosmo Jeremy landed what can only be described as a dinosaur! It stretched Cam Musgraves tape to 131 cm. The biggest GT of the season and it’ll take some grave effort to beat!

This past week can only be described as epic. Huge fish, huge numbers, golden permit, tricky triggers, Cosmo!


Bonefish: 12
Giant trevally: 190
Triggerfish: 6
Permit: 3
Sailfish: 1