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Our Cuba specialist Jon Covich just returned from one of his incredibly popular Cultural & Fishing tours of Cuba. Jon and the group had an exceptional trip. Check out this video compilation Jon put together and see some of the client’s comments on the experience. For more information about these trips, click HERE!

“I am remiss in not having thanked you sooner for arranging our marvelous trip. Best ever, we said. We all really appreciated what you did personally  to make it so enjoyable. Like clockwork, a phrase I never expected to use in  a Spainish country. Great food, pleasant guides, nice lodging; it could not  have been better. (I will never forget that second tarpon.) Your love of the country and the people was infectious.” – Fritz

“Truly one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever taken. My delayed response is due in part to the fact that I was in a post Cuba fantasy stage for at least a week. Thank you SO very much for making it so incredible.” – Brooks

“Jon! Awesome video. And the entire trip was amazing. Thanks for everything.” – George

“Thank you for the video. Awesome! What a wonderful trip. Certainly one of our best. The video is the icing on the cake! I’m going back into my fantasy land tonight.” – Andrew

Contact Dylan at 800.552.2729 for more information on the Cuba Cultural & Fishing Tours