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Grand Slam Lodge, Mexico

Located 90 miles south of Cancun, Mexico near the small lobstering town of Punta Allen, Grand Slam Fly Fishing Lodge is a first class, boutique style resort created by fly anglers for fly anglers. Bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook and barracuda cruise an endless array of crystal clear flats, mangrove lagoons, channels and reefs within the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Preserve. Anglers fly fish two per panga under the watchful eye of both a senior and junior fly fishing guide, maximizing your chances from the boat and while wading. Additionally, Grand Slam Fly Fishing Lodge offers hard-core anglers and novices alike the region’s most luxurious accommodations. A maximum of 24 guests enjoy 12 private villas rooms located right on the beach – each with incredible ocean views. With the Caribbean on one side and a calm lagoon on the other, the secluded main lodge sits well out of sight of others. Guests board their Pangas in the morning at the private dock just steps from their rooms and reach the productive waters of Ascension bay in mere minutes.

Stays of varying lengths are available and can be arranged for those wanting to slip away from the bustle of the northern resorts for a few days of quality flats fishing. Non-fishing companions can enjoy a picturesque beach, swimming pool, and snorkeling options. In the evenings, hang out in the main dining room with a Margarita and spin up your favorite flies at the complimentary fly tying station. Top notch guided fly fishing, luxurious modern accommodations and warm Mexican hospitality make Grand Slam Fly Fishing Lodge a Fly Water Travel favorite for seasoned saltwater junkies, first time saltwater anglers, as well as any guests keen on experiencing the Yucatan.

For more information call Dylan Rose at 800.552.2729


Expert interview with Fly Water Travel’s saltwater destinations manager Dylan Rose

Why go?
1. The lodge rests on a scenic beach-front location with luxury accommodations and a swimming pool.
2. The opportunity to target bonefish, tarpon, permit, snook, barracuda, jack crevalle and snapper all in one trip.
3. Grand Slam allows custom packages of any length.
4. Fantastic destination for companions and family members interested in  activities other than fishing.
5. Grand Slam lodge features two guides per boat.

Where is the lodge?
Grand Slam Lodge is located 3.5 hours south of Cancun in the Sian Ka’an Bisophere Reserve on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, near the town of Punta Allen.

How do I get there?
Guests fly in to Cancun and are transported south to the lodge about 3.5 hours by vehicle and boat.

When should I go?
Peak months are March through May. The summer months can also be very good as pressure on Ascension Bay is minimal. Additionally, anglers might get shots at migratory tarpon in the summer. The fall season can be very productive September – November, although a risk of hurricanes is possible.

Where do they fish?
The expansive flats, lagoons, channels and mangrove estuaries of Ascension Bay.

Who is best suited for this destination?
Any anglers interested in fly fishing Ascension Bay or keen on targeting a wide range of species. This also great destination for couples or groups with interest other than fishing and those that enjoy nice accommodations.

What are the accommodations and meals like?
Accommodations are the nicest in the regions. They are spacious, air-conditioned and very comfortable with private bathrooms, outdoor decks, flat screen TV’s, and en-suite Jacuzzi tubs. Most rooms have good views of the sea and are within easy walking distance to the fishing skiffs. Meals are plentiful and consist of a mix of Mexican and continental cuisine.

Can you describe the atmosphere of the lodge?
The lodge surroundings are relaxed and casual. Grand Slam is a great hybrid between a resort and a small fishing lodge. The staff is friendly and the central dining/bar/swimming pool areas remain lively in the evenings.

Is the owner on-site? If not, who is the manager or point person?
The owner is not on-site but the management team can always be found. Managers are English speaking and always available to help.

Is there internet or cell service?
Yes, there is satellite internet in the main building at the lodge. Some rooms that are closer to the router will get a signal but most of the time you’ll need to access it in the main lodge. Connection speeds are often slow but are generally suitable for sending email and light-duty browsing. Cell service is not widely available but you may want check with your service provider for coverage maps.

How do they fish?
Anglers fish two per boat in Panga style skiffs. Most guides operate in two person teams with a senior guide on the poling platform and a junior guide on the bow with the client. This provides an extra set of eyes to spot fish, help with line tangles and allow the junior guide and client to jump off the boat to chase fish by foot.

What fish will I catch?
Bonefish, permit and tarpon are the main quarries. There are some opportunities for barracuda, snook and jacks as well. It’s best to take what the day gives you with a throw-at-anything-that-moves mentality.

How many fish will I catch?
Anytime you land double-digit numbers of bonefish it is a good day. Even one permit for the week is very good and multiple permit is a rarity. Tarpon in the bay can be difficult at times but finding and hooking several fish is not uncommon for a week of fishing.

Will we see other anglers?
In the high season, Ascension Bay can be a popular place. It’s a common occurrence to see other guide boats on the bay and sometimes it’s possible that your first pick of flats may not always be available.

Is there wade fishing?
Yes, some wade fishing is available, although most of the fishing is accomplished from the boat. In Ascension Bay, the bottom is often soft but there are certain areas suitable for wading. It’s important to note that good areas for wading tend to be more pressured which can make fishing  difficult in these areas.

How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds?
Runs of 15 – 50 minutes are common. It’s important to let management or your guide know if you have a preference for shorter versus longer run times.

Do the guides speak English?
Some of the guides speak very good English. Most speak only limited English or “fishing English”. The more Spanish you know, the easier it will be to communicate. We can help you request a guide that speaks good English if it is a priority.

What are the guides like?
Most of the guides are experienced professionals. They do their best to accommodate anglers and their desires. Sometimes, like at many locations, the guides can be a bit over-passionate so it’s best not to take all of their comments too personally.

Where do we stay?
Guests stay two per room in luxury suites with all the creature comforts of home.

What is the cost?
Please see the Rates and Details section of our Grand Slam web page for the current rates:

Does this destination combine well with other destinations?
Combining multiples lodges within a single week trip to Grand Slam is tough due to the long drive south to Punta Allen from Cancun. If you wish to combine this location for an additional week somewhere else on the Yucatan, that is certainly possible.

Does the lodge provide equipment?
The lodge does have some tackle available for rent, although it’s best to bring your own equipment if possible.

What is your favorite rod(s) for the trip?
Currently, my favorite rod for this trip is a Sage Salt 9ft – 9wt. It’s powerful enough to deal with the wind and versatile enough for bonefish, juvenile tarpon or permit.

Are there other activities?
There are very few extra-curricular activities at Grand Slam. However, the lodge and beach are beautiful and guests that are simply interested in lounging on the beach or relaxing by the pool may be interested. There is no easy access to towns or eco-touring activities.

What are the physical demands?
Physical demands are generally not an issue although having good balance is a benefit when fishing from the boat.

Are there special skills required?
Good casters with a crisp double-haul and the ability to deal with the wind will always benefit when fly fishing in saltwater.

Dangers and annoyances?
Bugs are generally not a big issue. There are some mosquitoes and sand fleas present. Bringing long sleeves and pants is a good idea, as well as a good bug repellent.

Are there any health concerns?
The CDC is currently advising that pregnant women visiting Mexico take extra precautions against Zika by guarding against mosquitoes.