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Earlier this summer a few of us and our good friends John and Betsy Murray took an amazing trip to Slovenia. Here are a few pictures and Betsy’s trip report. Thank you Betsy we really appreciate your awesome report!

I just returned from one of the best trips I have ever been on. At the beginning of the year, my husband coaxed me into joining him on a fly fishing trip in Slovenia this spring. Really? I don’t actually fish. What would I do? And where is Slovenia exactly? I googled the essentials, and remembered Europe is usually fun. So okay, I’ll go. I had no idea what I was in for since I had never been on a professionally guided trip.

From the moment we were picked up at the airport in the capital Ljubljana, we were taken care of by a team from Fly Water Travel and their local outfitter. We arrive at the beautifully updated hotel and rested up for the evening. Then it was off to meet the rest of our group at a restaurant right below the castle on the hill. The guides arranged the evening to share their local cuisine and proudly showcased their amazing wines. We were traveling with insiders, and it was awesome.

The next day we headed to the Alps region to explore and of course to fish. We were a small group of couples and open to adventure. Unfortunately the weather was cold with on and off rain, but no one was deterred. We bundled up and the guides tailored the day. Instead of a drive to a pass that became snowed in, we hiked to a lake then kayaked down the river that it feeds. Then it was off to our the next well appointed hotel. Right away I began to realize this was going to be a true vacation. My husband and I didn’t need to plan or coordinate, the local guides took care of that. We didn’t have to guess if a restaurant would be good; they took us to places they would go with their friends or family. Sometimes meals were casual, sometimes first class. They tailored the trip to us from pre-planning to the day at hand. It felt wonderful just to have fun with my husband.

Then 3 days of fishing began. I was truly excited for the guys to head to the river. The previous day we had seen one of the locations they would fish and it was incredible. Crystal clear blue water flowing over limestone rocks of all sizes with patches of white sand on the bed below. I remember the excitement and awe of our first fish sighting, as we could clearly see the 14”+ trout working the eddy. As we walked the bank of the river, we spotted no less than a dozen marble trout. It was clear this would be an epic experience. The guides had the fishermen out the door early the next morning, as they wanted. As for the wives, we had our own adventures awaiting. We chose hiking, museum trips, cheese tasting, a botanical garden walk and touring the local villages. Each evening we would reconvene at yet another wonderful restaurant and share our stories of the day.

I would have to say one of my favorite moments was when my husband told me “I think I caught 12 fish today; there were so many though, I kind of lost count.” Then he grinned with sheer joy and contentment. A moments like that is priceless. How amazing to travel through an outdoor adventure wonderland like Slovenia while each person was able have the experience of their choosing.

We ended the trip in the wine region right on the border of Italy. Again, there was incredible food while wine tasting with the locals. The scenery was classic, rolling, chartreuse vineyards with terra cotta roofs and white washed houses clustered around steeples. We could see the Adriatic Sea in the distance and were told Venice was visible on a crystal clear day. I could have stayed there for a week! What a hidden gem.

Actually, the country of Slovenia is a true hidden gem. We all want to return for more adventures and heard there was incredible fishing to explore in the south as well. I was told that not all Fly Water Travel trips are like this; they can be rugged and they rarely include spouses. But now that they offer a top notch trip like this, I will go definitely encourage my husband to plan another Fly Water Travel adventure . . . and of course, include me.