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Farquhar with Dylan Rose of Fly Water Travel 
Long known to only the inner circle of adventuresome saltwater anglers, Farquhar was one of the earliest outer islands to be discovered. Its reasonable size, varied flats, coral-strewn lagoon and prolific blue water fishery make it one of the world’s best multispecies destinations. In the past, it was only accessed by mothership but today anglers enjoy a small, simple lodge that makes it the perfect island fish camp and one of the best values in the Seychelles.

Dates: October 26-November 2, 2020 = 1 rod available
Rate: $10,000 + 175(conservation fee) + $100(Global Rescue) = 10,275

Providence with Dave McCoy of Emerald Water Anglers
Providence Atoll ranks among the largest and least discovered fisheries in the Seychelles. It has vast open sand flats, large areas of turtle grass and intricate coral heads scattered throughout deeper waters. There are many channels, coral spits and drop-offs with several deep cuts that become isolated during spring low tides. Top guides have described it as a massive unpredictable beast that changes moods with the tides and will take years to fully discover and tame. Be among the first to unlock and ex-perience the vast potential of this unique saltwater wilderness.

Dates: March 17-31 – 2020 = 3 rods available
Rate:  $12,500 + $100(Global Rescue)

for more informatin or to reserve space please contact Dylan. 800.552.2729