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On the barren expanse of the Patagonian Steppe not far from the Argentine mountain hub of El Calafate in Southern Patagonia, a fly fishing miracle is unfolding before us in real time. Why is it only coming to light now, when the rivers and lakes in question have been there for thousands of years? Because only recently have wild trout been introduced into these unique scud-rich ecosystems; ecosystems that miraculously grow trout bigger, fatter and faster than any region we have seen. Today Jurassic Lake Lodge and Capitan Lodge are living testament to the biological anomaly that has made the southernmost province on the Argentine mainland home to the most productive and accessible trophy rainbow trout fisheries in the world today.

Jurassic Lake
If put on the spot and asked specifically where the most prolific 100 yards of trophy trout water in the world are, my response would be where Argentina’s Rio Barrancoso flows into Lago Strobel. The reason being that this enormous lake has only one inlet and no outlet. This makes the mouth of the Rio Barrancoso of tremendous interest to virtually every fish in the system. If they even think about spawning, they think about the Barrancoso. With so many fish now living in the lake and gorging on an endless supply of scuds, the inlet is used for spawning whenever conditions permit. As a result, hordes of fish, many of which are not staging, regularly cruise in and out the mouth of this miraculous little river.

Not only is this a prolific numbers fishery but Jurassic Lake is also one of the world’s premier trophy destinations with plenty of fish over 10, 15 and even 20 pounds. Depending on the time of year, these fish respond to nymphs, streamers and dries, and all the action takes place within a short distance of the lodge.

Location and Lodge
Jurassic Lake Lodge sits within stumbling distance of the greatest trout fishing hotspot in the world. This location serves them well and continues to separate this operation from the others on the lake. From the lodge you can easily walk to the lower reaches and mouth of the Barrancoso River as well as to a peninsula which is another proven hot spot. All of the best fishing spots are managed in a beat rotation system to keep the angling opportunities equitable for all and there are several open beats that guests can fish anytime.

The recently remodeled lodge comfortably sleeps ten guests in a combination of eight double and single occupancy rooms. All rooms have a private bath and shower. The main lodge structure has a spacious dining area where excellent meals are served as well as a comfortable lounge area with couches and a craft whiskey and wine bar for guests to enjoy.

Jurassic Lake Lodge is open from mid-October through April. The lodge fishes incredibly well from mid-October through early January. By some accounts, it is actually too good, due to catch rates that can only be described as ridiculous. As water temperatures rise in January, the fishing slows considerably until things cool down again in mid-March. This is not to say the fishing is slow during their low season, as multiple fish over ten pounds are expected for each angler each day. As the system cools, the mid-March through April period is considered the second prime-time window, offering some of the biggest, brightest and hottest fish of the season. During their early prime season, the lodge offers full-week packages only but beginning February 1st, the lodge also offers half-week packages.

Rate: $5,770-$6,900 per person for a 7 night/6 ½ day package


Capitan Lodge
For anglers interested in the most rugged and diverse trophy rainbow fishery in the Santa Cruz province, Capitan Lodge is the place. Located very near Jurassic Lake (as the crow flies) Capitan Lodge draws the majority of its riches from another huge scud-rich lake named Quiroga. While anglers spend very little time fishing the main lake, its outlet, the Capitan River, is one of the most unique rainbow fisheries in the world. Dropping more than 200 feet per mile, the Capitan is likely the world’s steepest trophy trout river and offers a special combination of radical pocket water fishing and sight fishing that is a stand out in the world of fly fishing.

Seasons and Fishing Programs
There are two distinct seasons at Capitan Lodge. The early season (November-December) which offers more focused fishing for trophy fish in the outlet of Lago Quiroga and the Rio Capitan, and the main season (January-April) which provides a more varied and rounded angling experience. All beats are within four miles of the lodge and are accessed by either four-wheel-drive truck or a 4×4 side-by-side. In some cases, there will also be a good deal of hiking. This area has been fished by very few anglers and offers lots of fish in the 4 to10-pound class as well as some fish reaching into the 20-pound class.

The River
Capitan Lodge’s most unique fishery is the Rio Capitan, which drains the massive Lago Quiroga. Dropping as much as 200 feet per mile, this is the steepest and most unusual pocket water system in the world. This crystal clear river is totally private, physically demanding and fishes well with nymphs and dry flies. It offers three distinct walk and wade beats with large fish hiding in unimaginably small swift pockets. Anglers must be strong hikers to take advantage of these beats.

Lakes and Lagunas
The enormous Lago Quiroga produces the region’s largest fish, many of which down-migrate into the unique Rio Capitan. Many of these fish are also targeted in the lake’s outlet in November and December before they migrate downstream. Additionally, the property has two smaller lakes (lagunas). The favorite, Lago Toro, has a cozy day shelter and incredible walk and wade sight fishing for strong rainbows in the 3 to 10-pound class. Fishing here is like bonefishing where anglers lead cruising fish with well-placed nymphs or dry flies.

Spring Creeks
The unsung hero of Capitan Lodge is the petite and productive spring creek that first flows into Lago Toro and later snakes discretely by the lodge. This system is tailor-made for ultra-light fly rods and tenkara style fishing for gorgeous, hardbodied, surface-oriented, wild rainbows. Recalibrating for this sheltered creek fishing experience is a highlight not to be missed.

The Estancia
Capitan Lodge is a warm, welcoming, understated working estancia that features three remodeled double occupancy rooms with private baths. Delicious meals are served in the main lodge with a spectacular once a week asado served in their neighboring quincho. Guests can share their hors-d’oeuvres with the big trout beneath the spring creek’s footbridge, watch the gauchos ride in from their day’s work and enjoy fine regional wines. This operation is intimate and authentic and often feels more like a home-stay than your typical fishing lodge. During the first three months of their season, the lodge only offers full-week packages, but beginning February 1st, the lodge offers half-week packages that pair well with Jurassic Lake Lodge.

Rate: $6,100 per person for a 7 night/6 1/2 day package

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