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As many in the angling community are aware, hurricane Dorian’s furry stuck deeply at Great Abaco and Grand Bahama Islands in the northern Bahamas. The devastation that these communities are facing is hard to imagine and in the end this storm may go down as one the worst natural disasters to ever strike the Bahamas. We have been in touch with several of our lodge contacts on Abaco and Grande Bahama and have confirmed that their facilities have been completely devastated. The buildings, boats and structures can be replaced, however, it’s the loss of life, housing, access to clean water, food and a way of life that will provide the greatest barrier to recovery for the staff and guides of these operations. The road to recovery will be long and hard as even achieving basic necessities is proving to be an impossibility at this time for many.

There are many ways to help including giving directly to Go Fund Me campaigns of the lodges themselves. These funds are being used to aid in relief efforts for their staff, the guides and their families.

Abaco Lodge

It has been heart wrenching to see something you hold so dear destroyed so badly. But rebuilding the lodge is the easy part. The island and people are suffering, and it pulls on our heartstrings. The outpouring of concern and support and watching the angling community rally around not only us but all those affected, has been heartwarming. We want to thank you all for that! Our friends in Abaco need all the support you can give during these trying times.

And for the fine print and in full transparency, following the rules set by GoFundMe, I will personally be withdrawing these funds and distributing them to our staff and other relief efforts. As always, we will provide a full accounting disclosure.

Oliver White
Managing Partner – Abaco Lodge

Abaco Lodge Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts:

Deep Water Cay Club

Deep Water Cay and East End Grand Bahama Island were directly under the stalled and destructive Hurricane Dorian for many hours. We are working with our team to get eyes on the condition of our beloved Cay. It has surely suffered great damage. More importantly, we are still attempting to reach all of our DWC family. Thankfully, we have been in contact with our department heads, but communication is spotty and difficult. The team is still working to reach all DWC staff. One thing we are sure of is that they and their families will need all the help possible to put their lives back together. We are asking for your help on their behalf.

We have received many kind words, requests for news, and offers to help. We have set up this GoFundMe page to accept donations for our DWC staff and their families to offer the help they so desperately need now and in the coming weeks and months.

Deep Water Cay and its staff have been hosting anglers for over 60 years. Generations of staff have helped make Deep Water Cay the wonderful place it has been and will one day be again. For now, we are asking you to help these DWC families while they begin to rebuild their lives and homes. This will be a long road.

We know the families will be grateful for your generosity. We will direct all funds to assist in meeting the needs of the staff and their families. We will share updates as we get them – here and on social media.

Thank you for your support and generosity.

Paul R. Vahldiek, Jr.,
President and Shareholder

Deep Water Cay FamilyHurricane Relief Effort:

H2O Bonefishing

Hurricane Dorian stalled over Grand Bahama for a unprecedented 40 hours destroying many parts of Freeport. These are the locations of the family homes, vehicles and possessions of the fly fishing guides and other members of staff that make up the sportfishing business of H2O Bonefishing.

Greg Vincent and Jason Franklin from The Island Of Grand Bahama and managing partners of h2O Bonefishing are reaching out to the many thousands of sportsmen and women who have enjoyed the incredible fishing here on the island over the years. And to share this cause with other anglers who we hope will in the future visit this wonderful island we call Home.
Our goal is to help provide the means to restore the lives and help regenerate a future for those staff members and associates of h2O Bonefishing most affected by this record breaking storm. Fund money is to go directly to staff members who require assistance in rebuilding their homes and replacing possessions lost due to hurricane Dorian. Those staff members will be the ultimate beneficiaries with the plan to send electronically from the fund account. In full disclosure and transparency there will also likely be other amounts to be distributed through the h2o Bonefishing account for those that cannot receive monies electronically.

It is not only the homes and possessions that need rebuilding but also livelihoods, especially over the next several months where a constantly growing pile of Bills replaces a pay check.

These individuals and their families need help and providing aid in funding is the quickest and most direct way anyone can contribute.

There are things that can never be replaced in this disaster and we salute the journey of those that are no longer with us.

Our most sincere thanks,
Greg Vincent and Jason Franklin.
Managing partners, H2O Bonefishing

H2O Bonefishing – Hurricane Dorian Recovery Fund:

Bonefish Tarpon Trust

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust and the Bahamas National Trust have established the Hurricane Dorian Relief and Recovery Fund to benefit fishing guides, lodge staff and others in the Bahamas’ fishing industry who have been impacted by Hurricane Dorian, the worst natural disaster in the nation’s history.

“Our success as an organization has been shaped in large part by our experience over the years in Abaco and Grand Bahama,” said BTT President and CEO Jim McDuffie. “We simply wouldn’t be the organization we are today without the Bahamas. This fund acknowledges the importance of our collaboration and friendship with guides, lodge staff, and others who have always been such great stewards of the Bahamas’ natural resources. We will do all that we can in partnership with BNT to aid the recovery efforts.”

The Hurricane Dorian Relief and Recovery Fund will be multi-faceted, providing immediate support to relief efforts, followed by support of long-range recovery, including promoting the recreational fishing industry as guides and lodge staff return to work. Additionally, BTT and BNT will collaborate further on future efforts aimed at also addressing the needs of impacted natural areas.

Hurricane Dorian Relief and Recovery Fund:

#DozenForDorian – Instagram

The Dozen for Dorian campaign was started by our good friend Josh Mills (@millsfly) as an Instagram effort to help with relief efforts with an initial goal of raising $1000. At the time of this writing they are already nearing the $20,000 mark and we couldn’t be more proud of this effort. There are two ways you can participate:

Bid on flies by making a donation:

  1. Search for the #DozenForDorian hash tag on Instagram.
  2. Bid on the available fly pattern auctions in the comments section.
  3. If you win the auction, make a donation for the winning bid amount.
  4. The fly tyer will then send you the finished fly patterns by mail after the auction is over.

Tie flies and place them up for auction:

  1. Tie a 6 – 12 flies and place an place an image of them on your Instagram account. Pick an end date for the auction and be sure to use the hash tag #DozenForDorian in the description.
  2. Followers will bid on the flies and the winning bidder will make a donation for that amount.
  3. Send the flies by mail to the winning bidder.

For any further questions on how this works, please contact Josh Mills via direct message on Instagram, @millsfly

Please also follow and keep an eye on Dylan Rose’s Instagram account for a special item that will be available for auction at