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H2O Bonefishing – Grand Bahama Island

By Greg Vincent,

This past weekend h2o bonefishing guides returned to the flats to survey our fishery. Above and below are some images.

There has been little to no change to the flats themselves. The 8 miles either side of water cay (our home waters ) we surveyed has not changed at all as to the flats themselves. We found bonefish at every location we stopped to fish. Water clarity was normal. The only difference as to the fishery is that the storm has either blown off all the green mangrove leaves or the leaves themselves have died. This is a normal process after storms and we will expect the green to begin to return soon. We saw patches already beginning to restore color. Therefore one update to report is that the mangroves have take on a new and temporary ‘ winter ‘ look now, much like the annual deciduous period of winter trees in cooler climates. The green will return. Therefore from what we have surveyed the only change we can report is cosmetic.

Most importantly the fishery in general seems to have not been affected buy the storm as we located fish in all the areas we expected to find them. Fishing was challenging as we fished close to shorelines in the 20-25 mph winds that we experienced over the weekend. We caught fish, spooked fish, we saw large double digit singles as well as the usual schools of fish we find here. So in summary, No change as to the fishery itself post storm. Also please find the below images of the new rooms. A typical King option as well as a typical double option for our guests. The H2o Bonefishing clubhouse (Bones Bar) is fully operational and ready to host its fishing guests as of today. For your information our first guests have confirmed arrival on November 7 so we shall be fully operational and out fishing soon.

H2O Bonefishing wants to thank all those that have donated funds or organized fund campaigns for our staff. It is so much appreciated.

If anglers or businesses/agents wish to help then the very best way for them to do so now is to book trips with us. Employment will provide the longer term stability for our staff along with much needed piece of mind knowing that there will be a much better chance to rebuild and get their lives back on track once they are working again. Freeport town in general experienced wide spread flooding as well as major hurricane force winds.

H2O’s actual location in the district of Lucaya however was spared from the flooding and our accommodation and boats were spared any serious damage. Full power and water has already been restored to this area and services are back on line for us. The same for Pelican Bay Hotel where we house our guests and the hotel is already taking customers and received minimal damage overall. That damage that did occur is already being fixed and will be completed within a few weeks. There was no flooding for the hotel. Most of the restaurants are already or will soon be open again providing several nightly options for our clients. H2O’s clubhouse “Bones Bar” has been operational for some time already and is serving cold cocktails and hot meat pies and will as always be ready to accommodate H2O’s anglers each and every evening.

We expect fishing to be exceptional as it invariably seems to be after storms and especially as the fish have been rested all summer they now have an additional 3 months free from anglers. The fishery will be performing at it’s best for all our anglers for the foreseeable future.

The general experience with us at H2O Bonefishing will be little different than pre storm with those differences being very much cosmetic as the island does look very different now and will remain that way for some time as the regrowth begins. For example, there will be less green than normal, less flowers in bloom than we are normally used to as the island has lost some of it trees and shrub and brush. The town of freeport will also take some time to recover and driving through will still show the obvious destruction the storm caused on some buildings, homes and businesses. One of the major changes we anticipate for our clients will be the flight options available to them. We will for now not have the variety of flight options that we previously provided customers. So now at this writing the best way to get to us is through Nassau. This will change over the coming weeks and months as our regular scheduled services direct from some major US cities will come back online. At this writing we have 5 flights a day from Nassau so we are still one of the easiest flats fishing destinations to get to.

Overall, we want nothing more than to get back to work and showcase the great flats fishing we have here on Grand Bahama Island. Should you have never experienced the large trophy bonefish available here on our flats then now would be a great time to not only provide yourselves as anglers a great fishing experience but you will also at the same time go a long way to helping the island recover.

We hope to see you soon,

H2O Bonefishing