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Farquhar Atoll, Seychelles

23rd – 30th October 2019
First Bumpy Slam Of The Season!

Another fantastic week of flats fishing has come to an end on Farquhar Atoll. This week we had fantastic weather with wind speeds dropping and skies clearing for beautiful weather with great visibility. Tides started off in neaps and built to new moon spring tides with large movements of water in and out of the atoll.

A total of 21 GT were landed this week.  The largest GT of the week landed was 90 cm.  Another guest came in a close second with an 87 cm fish.  Two guests landed four GTs each. Another guest  landed three. Three guests landed two.

Besides the great GT fishing, the rest of the flats species were active. Six triggerfish were caught with a personal best of a 60 cm yellowmargin trigger.  A guest landed a massive moustache trigger of 56 cm. Another angler got his first trigger, a 54 cm moustache.  One guest managed one yellowmargin and one moustache in the same day!

34 bonefish were brought to hand, the largest being a huge 68×38 cm fish. The same guest also managed to land his fish Indo-Pacific permit.

Two bumpys were landed this week, one by a guest on his first cast! Another great fish of 93 cm was landed. The bumpy was part of a slam, our first of the season!

Our first sailfish of the season was landed. A huge fish and a true trophy!

Thanks to all our guests for an incredible week of fishing! From the flats to the bluewater, this week guides and guests dominated the fishing!

Giant trevally 21
Sailfish 1
Triggerfish 6
Bumpy 2
Permit 1

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