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The folks at African Waters are offering an unprecedented fly fishing adventure. Here is the chance for four guests to combine the extremely popular Gabon package, with their latest Cameroon offering. This trip is set to lay the foundations of one of the wildest fly fishing experiences left on the planet. A mix of jungle saltwater surf, estuary, and jungle back waters fly fishing in Gabon, combined with the incredibly rich Faro River in Cameroon, is sure to create fly fishing memories to last a lifetime

Dates and Availability: 
January 25th – February 10th, 2020: 4 spots

Rate: $10,500 per person

Week 1 – Sette Cama Gabon –
January 25th –  February 1st,  2020

Gabon has the longest stretch of untouched coastline left on the African continent, and along with a massive estuary system rich in nutrients, offers the avid salt water angler the opportunity to experience the thrill of targeting the numerous and unique species of West Africa with fly tackle. The abundance of large and aggressive game fish (all eager to attack a well fished fly) is complimented by Africa’s most pristine tropical rain forest, which creates the back drop to this one-of-a-kind salt water fishing experience.  Here guests will fish the upper jungle waters, Sette Cama estuary, and the surf zone for the following species: Long fin jacks, jack crevalle, tarpon, cuberra snapper, brown snapper, senegalese kob and giant African threadfin.

This is truly a world class fishery, and also offers the opportunity to experience guided walks through Loanga National park where you will have the chance of seeing chimpanzees, lowland gorillas, red riverine hogs, forest sitatunga, numerous forest duikers and monkeys, along with the unique experience of forest elephant and forest buffalo sightings along on the beach. This area is also world famous for its unique birds, with a chance to see vermiculated fishing owls, chocolate-backed kingfishers and white-crested tiger herons, among many others.

Week 2 – Cameroon Nile Perch & Tigerfish –
February 2nd- February 10th, 2020

Fly fishing the Faro River for Nile Perch (to well over 100 pounds) , three species of tigerfish (up to 20 pounds), and yellowfish up to 12 pounds. This operation is definitely one of the last frontiers of fly fishing travel and exploration. All fishing is done on foot, bordering the Faro National Park.

Apart from the wild fly fishing experience, guests will be immersed in one of the last remaining intact west African savanna ecosystems. The endemic game and bird life in the area is incredible with sighting of numerous antelope species, buffalo, bush pig, elephant, hippo and lion occurring on a weekly basis. The combination of pristine river and terrestrial ecosystems make this area one of the last relatively untransformed representations of Sahelo-Sudanian ecosystems/ West African savannah habitats left on the planet.

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