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H2O Bonefishing

As many know, the majority of Grand Bahama and Great Abaco Island’s in the Bahamas were completely devasted this past fall by hurricane Dorian. Many long standing and phenomenal operations we have worked with for many years were completely wiped out, along with the lives of many Bahamians and their means to make a living. We remaine ever impressed (yet unsurprised) to see the outpouring of financial contributions stream in by the angling community to help the guides and staff of these outfitters in their attempt to put their lives back together.

While financial contributions are fantastic and all involved are eternally grateful, what many need in the aftermath of hurricane Dorian is to simply get back to work. Luckily, as is the case with many hurricanes, flats systems can remain unfazed and in some cases even thrive in a post storm environment. Similar to a forrest fire, it’s not uncommon to see an ecosystem immediately begin to regenerate and thrive in the wake of a big storm. Our friend Greg Vincent of H2O Bonefishing is reporting some excellent fishing on Grand Bahama in a post-storm environment with eager guides ready and willing to get back to work. While the infructsturcture of Grand Bahama is still a work-in-progress, the guides and hotel where anglers are housed and fed are more than ready to again host anglers on miles of untouched flats.

If you’re interested in continuing to help Bahamians rebuild and at the same time take advantage of some unpressured and phenomenal bonefishing, please take a moment to read the below report from Greg Vincent and consider booking at trip to Grand Bahama. Please note that all of the photos in this post were taken recently and in a post-Dorian environment.

Please call Dylan Rose at 800.552.2729 for more information about booking a trip to H2O Bonefishing.

Hi Dylan

We have 100 miles of flats to ourselves here. The fishing is awesome now. Imagine if you will, 100 miles of flats to only 5 boats and guides?

We have been out on all the flats this past 2 months fishing ourselves as we have only had a few customers that have come down (all of whom have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had great fishing). We anticipate an incredible season coming up. Our program was open 60 days after the storm so since Nov 2. We were not impacted from the storm much at all as the main damage is much further east and on the north (as you know we are on the south ). Nor was Pelican Bay hotel (southside again). The hotel had guests within 30 days. Restaurants are open again. Our program is no different now that it was pre storm.

The only difference is that the airport (northside) is still not set up with international customs and immigration but accepting domestic and private so all commercial flights come through Nassau so we are now really ‘ the easiest out island to get to ‘ as we have small commuter jet options daily on Western Air (5 flights a day) so easy to connect through nassau. Many direct flights from usa to Nassau. I am sure as we get into 2020 that will change and more and more fights come back on line but in truth the connection through Nassau is itself a great option.