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Giant Trevally

Giant Trevally are the undisputed apex predator of the flats; superbly conditioned, high-performance thugs that sometimes top 170 pounds and instill constant terror within all members of the food chain beneath them. Simply put, they are the meanest, hardest-fighting fish you could ever hope to tangle with on a 12-weight. It’s hard to describe or imagine the strength of a giant trevally and their unrelenting ability to test the tackle, strength, and skill of an angler. The following is a list of incredible destinations where those ready for a fight stand the greatest chance at finding trouble.


Providence, Seychelles

Providence Atoll is just short of being the most southerly atoll in the Seychelles and contains two major land masses, namely Providence North and Cerf Island. This remarkable atoll has remained largely untouched, with fewer than a thousand people having visited this tropical wilderness in the last century. After guiding on Providence from 2004 – 2009 the Fly Castaway guides are now convinced that Providence is the most exciting and diverse fly fishing destination they have ever encountered. The sheer size and amount of fish holding area makes both the flats and offshore angling potential almost limitless.

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Christmas Island

The fact that virtually every flats fishing angler in North America has heard of Christmas Island is far from coincidence. Amidst the vast inventory of the world’s saltwater flats destinations, Christmas Island is a unique and natural masterpiece that magically combines all the elements critical to fly fishing success. Endless hard sand flats fishing, remarkable numbers of cruising bonefish and trevally, and consistent year-round weather await all who visit this unique atoll.

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Farquhar Atoll, Seychelles

Long known to only the inner circle of adventuresome saltwater anglers, Farquhar was one of the earliest outer islands to be discovered. Its reasonable size, varied flats, coral-strewn lagoon and prolific blue water fishery make it one of the world’s best multispecies destinations. In the past it was only accessed by mothership but today anglers enjoy a small, simple lodge that makes it the perfect island fish camp and one of the best values in the Seychelles.

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Nubian Flats, Sudan

Until recently, North Africa, and especially the coast of Sudan has never been considered a viable fishing destination. However, along the Red Sea coast of Sudan there are countless islands and wide expanses of shallow water flats. These offer the adventurous fly angler a treasure chest of fly fishing opportunities. In 2013, Tourette Fishing began the long process of exploring as much of the coast as possible in order to evaluate the fly fishing potential. It didn’t take long to see the massive potential, as the flats were home to incredible numbers of triggerfish, Bluefin, GTs, Bohar as well as shots at bonefish and permit.

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Cosmoledo, Seychelles

Located 1,030km south-west of Mahé, Cosmoledo Atoll is unquestionably one of the best giant trevally fisheries in the world and has become the benchmark for anglers in search of the epic flats fishing experience. Cosmo is a large, untouched ecosystem whose white sand flats, lagoons and channels are ruled by pugnacious packs of giant trevally.

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In terms of inshore fly fishing, targeting Giant Trevally is the most intense and taxing on tackle. It is also the most unique, in that the key piece of tackle is the reel. When fly fishing for GT’s, the strongest drag possible is needed and when fighting a fish, the angler uses the reel singularly for most of the fight. The rod comes into play when the fish is close, so otherwise its function is to delivery the fly. A 12-weight is our choice, as it offers the most in fish-fighting capability while being able to fly cast with decent accuracy. Heavy, weight forward fly lines with core strengths of 50+ pounds are necessary and leaders of straight 80 or 100 pound test fluorocarbon are used. Working together with our friends at Sage and RIO Products, we’ve put together this customized setup to ensure your success.

• Rod: 9′ 12-weight Sage SALT HD (1290-4)
• Reel: Sage SPECTRUM MAX 11/12
• Line: RIO Products GT 550 gr
• Tippet: RIO Products Saltwater Fluoroflex, 80-100 lbs


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