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Peacock Bass

To understand peacock bass, first, consider their habitat. The Amazon basin is in an eat or be eaten environment. Fish make their livings there with either razor-sharp teeth or brutal strength. For peacock bass, it’s the latter and there is no tougher fish in freshwater. They happily break rods and the thickest mono on the take or while trying to pull you straight into structure. The term ‘peacock bass’ actually refers to several species and their habits can vary. The smallest species of peacocks, called “butterflies” are the most numerous and they range from two to eight pounds. They are great fighters that often jump. “Spotted” and “temensis” peacocks are the largest of the peacocks. Attaining weights of up to 25 pounds, they are some of the most aggressive game fish on the planet. They’re comfortable and confident of not getting eaten by any predators, so over time they become bullies and roam the lagoons and river channels in packs. Brazil is the place to target peacock bass and the following destinations offer adventure, gorgeous scenery and plentiful shots at these incredible gamefish.


Agua Boa Amazon Lodge, Brazil 

Located in northern Brazil, the Agua Boa is remarkably clear, has white sand beaches and is more reminiscent of the Florida Keys than what most expect of the Amazon jungle. Overlooking the river is the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge, the world’s first operation dedicated exclusively to pursuing peacock bass and other jungle species on the fly.

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Kendjam, Brazil 

Here adventuresome anglers can interface with one of the most fortunate and unaffected native groups in the New World as they enjoy the finest light-tackle multi-species fishing experience available.  For anglers, adventurers and lovers of the wildest and most remote reaches of our planet, this epic journey into the Amazon’s most pristine jungle paradise is truly without equal.

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Rio Marié, Brazil

Deep within the Brazilian rainforest near the border with Columbia lies one of the most remote and exciting peacock bass destinations in the world.  With over 400 miles of private water and seasoned English speaking Brazilian guides, this is the place to target well-rested double-digit monsters. Come experience this wild region that the locals refer to as “Rio de Gigantes”.

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When choosing tackle for peacock bass, consider both the size of flies being fished and also the strength of the fish. Large baitfish patterns are most commonly used, and peacock bass are incredibly strong fighters, oftentimes taking an angler back into cover once hooked. For these reasons, a fast action, 9-weight rod is appropriate. Having both floating and sub-surface fly lines of varying densities is definitely beneficial. If we were to choose only one, a floating/intermediate line would be it, but there are certainly situations where a floating line or a fast sinking line is the right tool. The line must also be ready for extremely hot conditions, so a tropical/jungle coating is required. For leaders and tippet, adequate diameter is more critical than break strength, as peacock bass will often break anglers off on structure and underwater features. Hand-tied nylon leaders  of 40 – 60 pounds is great. Working together with our friends at Sage and RIO Products, we’ve put together this customized setup to ensure your success.

• Rod: 8’9″ 9-weight Sage PAYLOAD (989-4)
• Reel: Sage SPECTRUM Max 9/10
• Line 1: RIO Products DirectCore Jungle Series  WF9F/I
• Line 2: RIO Products DirectCore Jungle Series WF9F
• Line 3: RIO Products DirectCore Jungle Series WF9F/S6
• Leader/Tippet Material: RIO Products Saltwater Mono and RIO Products Saltwater Fluoroflex, 40 – 60 lbs


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