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Fly fishing is steeped in tradition, history, and lore, and within each of these facets, trout are a common theme. For most of us, trout were the first species we ever caught on a fly rod, and in many ways, they remain a perfect target. Their range is vast; they are challenging yet catchable, and they, along with the environs they inhabit, are truly beautiful. It’s no surprise that they are the fly fishing’s darling species. Around the globe, there are countless unique, inspiring destinations to chase trout – more than a lifetime’s worth. Get started on your life-list by making a visit to one of the classic destinations described below.


Healing Waters Lodge, Montana

Healing Waters Lodge is in many ways the classic Montana fly fishing lodge. Located 1.5 hours from Bozeman in the heart of the Ruby River Valley, the lodge overlooks its own private pond where guests can enjoy an evening cocktail while watching trout rise peacefully to an evening hatch. Owner Mike Geary is a fun and engaging host and presides over the lodge’s diverse fishing program. Guests here likely have more angling choices within easy driving distance than at any other operation in Montana.

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Deschutes River Float Trips, Oregon

Fly fishing for trout on the Deschutes may be one of the most unique angling experiences to be found in the American west. The fish are all native, wild “redsides.” This is a distinct sub-species of rainbow trout that tend to be some of the hardest fighting trout, for their size, you’ll ever find. Add to that the size of the river these fish swim in (3,500 – 5,500 cfs) and you’ve got a real battle on your hands!

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Coyhaique River Lodge, Chile

Located just outside of the regional capital of Coyhaique, an area widely considered Chile’s trout fishing mecca, this first-class modern facility sets the standard for premier fly fishing lodges in Chilean Patagonia. The lodge’s program offers a diverse and exciting array of excellent trout fishing opportunities, including lots of private access fishing properties, as well as a wide range of outdoor experiences including hiking, mountain biking, rafting and horseback riding.

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Eastslope Adventures, Canada

In the heart of endless farm and ranch country in southwest Alberta lies an undiscovered area with impressively large trout, wide open country and very little angling pressure. It is in this area that Cam Jensen has set up his Eastslope Adventures. Eastslope Adventures guides a host of productive and unspoiled trout fisheries in southwest Alberta, including the Castle, Oldman, Waterton and St. Mary’s river drainages, and Cam and his guides specialize in fishing dry flies to large trout while wading.

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Las Pampas Lodge, Argentina

In many ways Las Pampas Lodge offers the ultimate Argentine trout fishing experience. Their remote location, their diversity of waters, and there 100% Argentine staff makes this a complete package that is hard to improve upon. With a multitude of spring creeks, small freestone rivers, and trophy still waters as well as a mix of rainbow, brown and brook trout all within a small radius, anglers are presented with an array of options that would take weeks to fully sample.

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Owen River Lodge, New Zealand

Located in the greater Nelson Lakes/Murchison region at the north end of the South Island, Owen River Lodge is a stylish and cool, yet understated lodge for discerning fly fishers. From home base on sixteen acres of serene riverfront property on the Owen River, guests can easily access more than thirty rivers in the area, most of which are less than an hour’s drive from the premises. The rivers of the west coast, Murchison, Nelson and Marlborough regions are all within reach. For those willing to chopper out, even more systems await exploration.

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Sage Lodge, Montana

Situated on almost a mile of the famous Yellowstone River, Sage Lodge is a fly fisher’s haven. The fishing program is run by Angler’s West Fly Fishing Outfitters and is based on fishing the abundant waters that have made Montana famous. Guests may float several different sections the Yellowstone River or Boulder River. Walk and wade fishing opportunities increase your options with Yellowstone National Park just 35 minutes away, including the Firehole, Gibbon, Madison, Lamar, Slough and Soda Butte Creeks as well as the Yellowstone River.

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Tengis – Shisged Outcamp, Mongolia

The Yenisei River is the world’s fifth-longest system and the largest system feeding into the Arctic Ocean. While it has many headwaters, the Tengis and Shishged systems in the remote reaches of northern Mongolia’s Khuvsgul Province are unique and home to some of the world’s largest taimen as well as abundant populations of wild lennock trout. This program, designed by the local experts at Fly Shop Mongolia, is for true adventure anglers who want to experience Mongolia on its own terms.

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While being the most sought-after species with a fly rod, trout can also present the widest range of angling situations and in turn, required tackle. Depending on type of presentation, water and size of fish, rod weights of 0 through 8 can be used to target trout, in length of 6′ up to 11′. All that said, there is little doubt that the most-versatile combination of rod weight and length for trout fishing is a 9-foot 5-weight. A weight forward, floating fly line is the best choice for all-purpose fishing and it should be spooled on a reliable reel with an outgoing drag of some sort. While adjustable drags aren’t a necessity, they do offer the angler more control while in the heat of battle. Tapered leaders around 9′ are good, ending in diameters of 2X to 6X, depending on the situation. Working together with our friends at Sage and RIO Products, we’ve put together this customized setup to ensure your success.

• Rod: 9′ 5-weight Sage X (590-4)
• Reel: Sage SPECTRUM LT 4/5
• Line: RIO Products InTouch Gold WF5F
• Leader: RIO Products Powerflex Plus 9′ 2X
• Tippet: RIO Products Powerflex Plus 2X – 6X


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