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It’s February in the Pacific Northwest and that means winter steelhead! We still have a few remaining openings this season, so don’t miss your chance to dance with a chrome-bright, wild steelhead this winter. See below for remaining availability.

Northern Oregon Coast w/ Scott O’Donnell

During winter and early spring, the rivers surrounding the greater Tillamook Bay region on the Northern Oregon coast transform into some of the most productive and seductive winter steelhead rivers in North America. Structurally they are a “swing” fisherman’s paradise and the quarry is almost always sea bright, wild, and willing to chase a well swung fly. To compliment these rivers and the hearty handsome steelhead they sustain, we have tracked down one of the finest winter steelhead guides in the West, Scott O’Donnell. Trips with Scott are arranged as day trips and you can book as many or as few consecutively as you’d like.

Remaining Availability:

•March 30 – April 3

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North Umpqua River Winter Basecamp, Oregon

Oregon’s North Umpqua River is the quintessential Cascadian River – steep, swift, crystal clear, and incredibly beautiful. It is also an iconic American classic that has captured the souls of countless anglers and drawn them back year after year to test their skills against one of the most challenging and rewarding races of steelhead in the world. The Winter Basecamp is the perfect all-inclusive program for anglers looking to strengthen their two handed casting skills and experience a diverse and varied fishing program in the Umpqua Basin.

Remaining Availability:

•March 6 – 9
•March 10 – 13
•March 22 – 25

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Please give us a call at 800.552.2729 or send us a message HERE if you’d like to chat more about any of the destinations above!


How to Choose a Sink Tip

It’s no secret that winter steelhead are often found in deep water, where fishing a sink tip is critical. With the number and variety of sink tips available on the market now, choosing the right one can be complicated. Our friends at RIO Products put together a short video discussing this topic, offering advice on how to select the right sink tip for your given line, fly and water condition.  Enjoy!