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La Posada de los Farios – Cisnes Valley – Chilean Patagonia

La Posada de los Farios, Chile – “Inn of the Brown Trout”

Fishing Report, January 2020

Photos and Report by Gardner Imhoff, Guide at La Posada de los Farios, Chile

The Rio Cisnes and surrounding waters have started off the new year with a mix of conditions while offering great opportunities to bring Chilean trout to the net. The river is in great shape and looks to remain that way as we have had consistent rain to keep water levels where they need to be. The Patagonian weather lived up to its name. Temperatures have varied from low 40s to mid 70s with periods of calm soft breezes to strong gusty winds as high as 50 mph. Don’t let this deter you, as we have had some of our best fishing when the weather has been at its worst!

We have seen the famed Cantaria beetles flying about and jostling for mating rights on the ancient Coywei trees located on the river and around the lodge. For that reason, trout have been looking up and eagerly taking advantage of any opportunity to eat a beetle that has mistakenly made its way into the river. Large beetles in the #10 – #6 range stripped and skated across riffles, eddy lines, deep pools and soft spots among the faster water have proven to influence an opportunistic trout to eat. As summer continues to develop we are also beginning to see more and more grasshoppers located around the upper reaches of the Rio Cisnes system. Skittering smaller pink hopper patterns has proven effective in both the main river and its tributaries. On top of the dry fly fishing, fishing small to medium sized streamers has also had good results. We’ve seen the water levels rise after heavy rains which seems to have more predatory browns looking to set their teeth into anything they can get their sedated mouths around. Black or olive Buggers dressed with white legs, aka the Chile Bugger, have proven lethal at times. Be sure to have a Dolly Llama in either color as well if you plan your visit. Fishing a T-6 or higher sink tip or full sinking line will allow you to get that fly in front of the fish in all types of fishing scenarios.

In addition to the Rio Cisnes, things are beginning to get going on the local lakes. Warm days with sunshine have helped wake up the dragon flies around the lake and motivate brown trout appetites. When the conditions prove correct, it is not rare to see a 20-23” brown hurl itself into the air to grab a hovering dragon fly. Fishing along the reeds with larger dragon fly or beetle pattens will provoke slow lazy rises from big browns and is a blast when conditions provide. Fish averaging 20” on the lake is not rarity for a day on the lake.

We are looking forward to the weeks to come. Terrestrial insect activities will be near the highest point and dry fly fishing will really take off! Cantarias are crawling around and we are beginning to see hoppers jumping about the banks. Stay tuned for more updates here on the Rio Cisnes!

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