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Rio Marié, Brazil
Deep within the Brazilian rainforest near the border with Columbia lies one of the most remote and exciting peacock bass destinations in the world. Officially launching in 2015, Rio Marié has lived up to its claim of being the greatest trophy peacock bass destination the fly fishing world has ever seen. Anglers enjoy true luxury accommodations on a purpose-built mothership that moves about to unfished water each week. With over 400 miles of private water and seasoned English speaking Brazilian guides, this is the place to target well-rested double-digit monsters. Be one of the first to experience this wild region that the locals refer to as “Rio de Gigantes”.

Rio Marié is entirely located inside an extensive Indian Territory, an area of more than 2 million hectares. This untouched environment has more than 400 miles of rivers, 180 known creeks, 60 lakes and three major tributaries inside the new operation area. It is the first exclusive fly fishing only project allowed and supported by the Brazilian government in conjunction with the Indian Association to create a sport fishing operation entirely within an Indian Territory.

For more information please contact Ken at 800.552.2729.

Expert Q&A with Rodrigo Salles, co-owner/founder of Untamed Angling and Rio Marié

Why go?
1)To catch some of the largest peacock bass in the world. Legitimate shots at true 20-pound fish.
2) Utter solitude. Gust get exclusive use to over 600 miles of private water.
3) Support conservation, sustainable business, and the culture of local culture indigenous people. Angler dollars help the local native people by providing funding for health care and access to education and the most comprehensive and aggressive scientific studies of peacock bass.
4) To enjoy the most deluxe live-aboard fishing vessel in Brazil. Aboard the Untamed Amazon, a state-of-the-art fishing yacht boasting every imaginable amenity, guest will enjoy comforts not commonly found on boat based trips.
5) Enjoy state-of-the-art fishing skiffs and being guide by both a professional fly fishing guide  and Indian guide. Untamed Angling has designed a unique working platform where the profesional guide provides specific technical fishing skills and the native guide provided intensive knowledge of the region. Working together as a team allows them to enrich our guests’ fishing experience in a way that neither could achieve alone.
6) Fish with the most respected jungle outfitter in the world.

Where is the lodge?
The Rio Marié is  located 600 miles west of Manaus inside a 2 million hectare Indian Territory. The region has more than 800 kilometers of rivers, 180 known creeks, 60 lakes, and three major tributaries inside the operation area.

How do I get there?
Guests fly to Manaus and overnight in a 4-star hotel (included in the package). The following day a private transfer service meets guests at the hotel and transfers them to the airport for the charter flight to the Rio Marie live-aboard vessel.

When should I go?
In this area of the Amazon, the low water fishing season typically runs from August to February. This is the dry season for the upper Rio Negro basin, a time when waters are typically at their lowest and most stable levels.  The Rio Negro basin fisheries have variable conditions according to each year’s hydrological cycles, but since Rio Marié is a headwaters system, combined with its geographical location and the immensity of its drainage, it is much more stable than other regional destinations.

Where do they fish?
Guests fish mostly in the main river, lagoons, oxbow lagoons, jungle creeks and sandy beaches of the system.

Who is best suited for this destination?
Anglers who would like the chance to hook and experience the power of a 20-plus pound peacock bass on the fly, enjoy world-class service and facilities and experience the Amazon.  Anglers that have experience in saltwater fishing have some advantages here. You will be casting 8 to 9 wt-rods with big streamers. So we recommend anglers practice their casting before coming. You should be prepared to make a lot of casts some of which need to be very accurate.

What are the accommodations and meals like?
The accommodations are aboard the Untamed Amazon vessel. The Untamed Amazon is the very first vessel of its kind in Amazonia that uses 100% solar power generation for all electricity use. The system has 96 state-of-the-art German solar panel generators and 3 tons of Hitachi Solar Batteries – the most advanced Japanese battery system for solar power generation. The Untamed Amazon is an aggressive project that brings a unique concept to boat design that changes the game in live-aboard fishing vessel standards.

The Untamed Amazon has eight guest suites – each 18 square meters in size – six of which are double suites, and two of which are set up as single suites. Six suites can accommodate two guests, in super single beds.  They have private bathrooms, air conditioning and plenty of open space for clothes, equipment, and storage. Two suites accommodate single guests, also with private bathrooms, air conditioning and plenty of open space for clothes, equipment, and storage. The suites all feature outside facing, ceiling-to-floor panoramic windows.

The upper level is for guests to relax, enjoy beverages and re-live their day’s fishing adventure. It features a spacious living and dining room, and an open lounge where drinks and appetizers are served. There are also two big Jacuzzi tubs for up to 10 guests on this floor.

Meals are prepared by one of our best chefs Leandro Ettomi, who creates delicious fresh dishes mixing regional and international cuisine. Good wines and spirits are available and included.

Describe the atmosphere and style of the Lodge?
The Untamed Amazon vessel is designed with luxury and comfort in mind. The vessel is well appointed in every way and staffed by a highly professional service and guide team.

Is there an on-site manager, owner or point person at the lodge?
We have a dedicated host who takes care of all angler needs while aboard the Untamed Amazon.

How do they fish?
We fish mostly river, backwaters, inner lagoons, and lakes. Anglers have a shore lunch at midday to rest a bit. They can cool down with a swim the river and get back to fishing the afternoon session. Peacock bass are really strong and anglers must control their energy during the day. Most of the giant peacock bass are caught between 9 am and 3 pm. They really like the warmest hours of the day. Most fishing is done from the boats but at times we sight fish from beaches.

Will we see other anglers?
No! Rio Marié has exclisive use of more than 600 miles of river, tributaries, and lagoons.

What fish will I catch?
Giant peacock bass (Cichla Temensis), butterfly peacock bass, some bicudas, trairas and occasionally some piranhas and pacus.

How many fish will I catch?
This program is best suited to trophy anglers that are willing to work hard for a few truly exceptional fish. Catch rates for the smaller butterfly peacocks are rather high with guests catching a fair number each day. Typically the lodge catches 3-10 bass over 20 pounds each week, meaning that some guests simply wont get a monster, but everyone will have a real chance.

Is there wade fishing?
There are some wading opportunities on the sand beaches and in back inner lagoons. Mostly we find nice butterflies while wading and sight fishing but we have had some amazing surprises with giant peacock bass while wading. Wading is easy and doesn’t require wading boots. Anglers can bring a pair of lightweight neoprene flats booties or even a pair or sandals.

How far is it to the fishing grounds?
Depending on fishing rotation you can spend 5 to 50-minutes boating to different fishing grounds.

Is there internet and cell service?
Yes, the boat has satellite WiFi Internet and sat phone service.

Does the lodge provide equipment?
We provide Winston Jungle Rods and Nautilus Reels paired with Jungle Taper Scientific Anglers Fly lines for the anglers who need gear. We stock a small fly shop with all flies, lines and some Rio Marié hats and Patagonia shirts.

What is your favorite rod(s) for the trip?
8 wt and 9 wt fast action saltwater or jungle rods.

Are there other activities?
For non-anglers we offer massage services , a Jacuzzi and tours of the river/jungle tracks, and sunset at a sand beach with cocktails.

What are the physical demands?
The most important is to be prepared to cast all day with 8 – 9 wt-rods in tropical weather. There are no walking or wading physical demands.

Do guides speak English?
Our pro fly fishing guides are all English speaking.

What are the guides like?
We have two guides per skiff. One professional English speaking guide experienced with peacock bass and jungle fly fishing, and one native Indian guide who knows everything about the river, peacock bass behavior.

What is the cost?
Please see the ‘Rates and Details’ section of our Rio Marié web page for the current rates:

Does this trip combine well with other destinations?
Yes! Can combine perfectly with fishing for giant arapaima at Pirarucu Lodge, on the way back. The Grand Caravan float plane needs to stop to refuel at Pirarucu base airport, so it’s a natural extension after a week in Rio Marié test your abilities with the giant arapaima on the fly.

Are there special skills required?
Casting poppers and big streamers well are really important skills and anglers who can cast them all day long have more chances. Also, anglers must learn to set the hook HARD!

Dangers and annoyances?
No dangers. Really safe place. As the water is acidic there are almost no mosquitoes or no see um, so anglers can relax and don’t need to use bug repellents. Really pleasant jungle river in that aspect. At times lots of large bees can appear. They can be very annoying  but are not very dangerous.