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Christmas Island Outfitters

As the spread of the novel coronavirus continues to have far-reaching effects around the world, we are taking a moment to ask those that have had a connection to Christmas Island and the guides of Christmas Island Outfitters to make a financial contribution for their welfare.

Since the middle of February, anglers have not been allowed to visit Christmas Island due to the nation of Kiribati’s quarantine restriction on arriving travelers as they continue the attempt to curb the virus from impacting their citizens. If you have visited the island then you can attest; it is understandable that the country has taken these precautions given their limited health infrastructure.

With the months of December through June being the time of year when guides make the majority of their income for the year, the timing of this viral outbreak could truly not be worse.

With so much uncertainty surrounding the spread of the virus, we understand that a donation at this time may be a lot to ask. However, we know that many anglers have a special connection to the island and especially Biita and his guide crew. For that reason, we wanted to make sure you had a way of helping them make it through the summer until regular service is (hopefully) returned to the island. All Funds collected will go directly to Biita’s Christmas Island Outfitters account and he will use them to help the guides during this trying time.


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