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Dear Friends and Travelers:

In light of recent developments and the unprecedented coverage of the Coronavirus, we wanted to reach out and update all of you on how the situation is unfolding in the fishing travel space. Here at Fly Water Travel, our days have quickly changed from talking about travel, adventure, and fishing to a more complicated and interesting mix in which the uncertainties and fears surrounding the virus are front and center.

Our goal during these times is clear: to be, above all else, trusted service providers for a vast and varied cast of passionate, well-informed travelers. We feel the best advice we can give our guests and outfitters is to remain patient, calm and compassionate, and we know that the relationships we have built with guests and outfitters are of the greatest importance. How we treat others is the true measure by which we want to be judged as anglers and individuals and service providers, and this is especially important in difficult times like these.

The good news behind this is that we have been able to personally connect with a great number of you over the past week and we sincerely appreciate all these conversations. While to-date, Christmas Island is the only destination we work with that is currently unreachable due to clearly-defined travel restrictions, Argentina and Mongolia have quickly become problematic and are not recommended. One of our main concerns is that the collective psyche of most traveling anglers has been impacted, and we are committed to addressing all of these serious concerns.

As our guests grapple with a wide range of “what-ifs” pertaining to their trips, Fly Water Travel is on the front line of helping navigate these uncharted waters. We do not have the power to set cancellation policies for our destinations, but we have been proactively reaching out to them and having frank conversations about what their interim policies will look like. These policies relate to deposits and final payments on existing bookings and also bookings made today and beyond. Responses have been varied, so we encourage anyone with questions to call us at (800) 552-2729 and we can help provide clarity.

We are watching the news to keep abreast of what is being projected but we are getting our real information from the three sources below. They are in the business of keeping people informed as opposed to making news.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Global Rescue:

Johns Hopkins:

We want everyone to know that as always, we are here in the office ready, willing, and happy to talk about any topics of interest or concern.  Thanks again for your support and we look forward to working with all of you over the many fishing seasons to come.

Best regards,

Brian Gies, Ken Morrish & the Fly Water Travel team