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Agua Boa Amazon Lodge, Brazil

Our friend Chris recently returned from Agua Boa Amazon Lodge and sent us this report. Thanks Chris! We really appreciate it!

First, let me just reiterate what an incredible job Fly Water Travel did coordinating our entire trip. I am thoroughly impressed with the communication and professionalism your team displayed from start to finish for this adventure. Thank you.

The best way I can describe this trip is a luxurious adventure in the heart of the Amazon. Here is what I mean by that. The accommodations absolutely blew me away! The realization as we came in to land in the heart of the jungle on the Agua Boa and seeing the beautiful facilities and pool just didn’t make much sense. Stepping inside the main lodge and dining area, with my glass of champagne, to see beautiful tables, chairs, bar area (stocked!), pool table, ping pong table, and gorgeous place ware was incredible. Hearty meals with great variety and tremendous flavor helped me maintain my figure (plump figure) throughout the week. The individual rooms, or should I say villa’s, were exceptionally comfortable, very clean, and especially cool in the evenings with the great A/C units. I haven’t slept that well in any hotel, ever, in all of my near weekly travels the past several years. I was beyond comfortable every day.

I am a very green fly fisher. To be honest, I had floated the North Platte 3-4 times prior to this trip and had never even owned my own fly rod until booking this trip to the Agua Boa. What that should prove to anyone considering this trip is that from rookie to expert fisherman, this trip is for you! At no point throughout my stay did I feel out of place in any portion of the fishing. I caught numerous species of fish including payara, butterfly/spotted/temensis peacock bass, Oscar, Wolf Fish, Dog Fish, and Parana. I participated in both blind casting and sight casting with about 70% of the large fish caught being sight casted too. By no means does anyone need to be an expert caster (although it certainly helps increase the odds!). Being the rookie of the group, I was still afforded the opportunity to land a 16 & 17 pound fish during the week, numerous fish in the 5-10lb class daily, and lost more fish than I really want to disclose. That should tell you just how incredible this fishery truly is.

This amazing destination cannot be described in words. Seeing a jaguar, numerous gators, birds of many species, and just the sheer beauty of the jungle, is truly worth with travel. But throw on to that incredible fishing with guides and staff that do everything they can every minute of every day to ensure you are having the time of your life, truly makes this trip special. I cannot overstate how enjoyable this experience truly was. I WILL be back for sure as I’m just not sure how I could find another place in the world quite like the Agua Boa. Thank you to the entire staff of the Agua Boa Lodge, especially the guides, Carlos, Jon, kitchen staff, and support staff. Thank you to the resident host Matt for keeping us on our toes and ensuring we always soaked in the day. Thank you Max for all the help in booking this trip. Obrigado!