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Michael Visintainer and Bo Brand of the Silver Bow Fly Shop in Washington recently traveled to Cuba to visit  Jardines de la Reina and Michael dropped us this great photo essay.  Thank you Michael, we really appreciate it!

La Habana Vieja

Recently Bo and I headed to Jardines de la Reina, Cuba for our second hosted saltwater trip to this fabled location. Fortunately on this trip our permit allowed us to have almost two full days to explore Cuba on our own. The twelve of us stayed two nights in a small bed and breakfast in Old Town Havana thanks to a recommendation from our Cuba Travel Expert Jon Covich of Fly Water Travel. What was great about staying in Old Havana was we could walk just about anywhere to eat, checkout artwork, buildings, monuments etc. A few of the guys also rented a convertible car and went to the Hemingway Ranch.

Old Havana is very rich in people, colors, music, food and art. Some of us even walked to the Necrópolis Cristóbal Colón, a 123 acre cemetery featuring elaborately sculpted memorial was so large you could easily get lost inside.

Below is a glimpse into Havana, where even if you spent a week you would still not see everything! Part Two will include traveling across the country and the fishing in Jardines de la Reina.