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Our friends at Redington took a team trip to Christmas Island in November and returned with some incredible images. See below for a few of their shots and click here to see more and read the recap.

“Getting to Christmas Island requires a night’s layover in Honolulu because of the early departure time in the morning. The layover was much welcomed, due to the fact I live in Seattle and my legs could use a little beach time. After an afternoon on the beach and one too many Mai Tais, the group was excited to spend the next week fishing the flats. The trip didn’t feel real until after we made our way through customs and watched the aircraft we came in on take-off, continuing on its way to its final destination…”

“The week’s fishing was rememberable. The weather cooperated for us and almost every flat we stopped at had plenty of opportunities for hooking fish. The bonefish were plentiful, once you could see them and there were even some decent size ones roaming around. At least one GT was within casting range for one of us each day with even a few them showing interest in our flies.”

“Back at the Sunset Lodge we enjoyed a few pre-dinner drinks and reminisced on the day’s adventure while relaxing on the beach watching the sunset. It was easy to forget about what the rest of the world was doing while at Christmas Island…”

Click here to read the full story and see all the photos.